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Happy CO-uarantine! Here Are 10 Things To Do While You Do Nothing At Home


Spend 16 hours a day looking at Instagram. 

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Five Kind of Late Life & Pop Culture Updates You Didn’t Ask For And Don’t Care About


Thanks for tuning into NPR Up First! Here are the 5 things you need to know before taking a bite out of your morning toast! This is your SNL Weekly Update!

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A White Girl Watching “Straight Out Of Compton” In Uptown Dallas


So that’s what N.W.A. stands for.

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A Day In The Life Of Me, I Don’t See Why People Think I’m Self Absorbed?

It’s riveting, y’all.

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The True Story Of Being A 25-Year-Old And Sitting At A Beyonce Concert Alone

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.52.29 PM

pic via beyonce.com jk i snapchatted it

I went to a Beyonce concert alone. This is my story.

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THIS JUST IN: Beyoncé Releases #LEMONADE


BREAKING NEWS: Beyoncé just released an hour-long visual album on HBO almost two whole weeks ago. Literally an hour-long’s worth of connected music videos. This coming out just before her Formation tour starts.

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This Post Is About Worship Music Happy Ash Wednesday


Strap in, guys. Because this one’s about music. Jesus music.

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