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IG Q&A: Your Questions About Pregnancy Stuff


photoshop idea by KT Johnson, future mrs. harmon, all my jokes are stolen from friends!

I posted a “Ask Me A Question” on IG because apparently I think people have questions for me.

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DRY JANUARY RECAP: Worst Three Days Of My Life



and by 3 days i mean 2.5

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Reasons Ben Higgins Is Unlovable

Ben said it himself, both on The Bachelorette, vying for Kaitlyn Bristowe, and on this season’s premiere. While Ben did his best to explain his fear of being unlovable for People, I would like to further over-analyze his comment.

Because America deserves to know why Higgins comma Ben is what he says he is.

Because if this face is unlovable, the rest of us should just PUT ROCKS IN OUR ACTUAL POCKETS AND LAY OUR BODIES DOWN IN VICIOUS WATERS, YEAH I SAID IT.

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