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I’m A Friend To The Sick, The Poor, And The Skinny


In celebrity world, a girl squad is full of models and then there is one Lena Dunham. There’s always that one girl.

In reality/muggle world, a girl squad is full of Lena Dunhams and there is one Karlie Kloss. Or one un-talented version of Taylor Swift friend. There’s always that one girl.

Here is a story of a muggle squad being a friend to the sick, the poor, and that one skinny friend.

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The Bachelor Episode 5: Things Our Boyfriends & Dads Said

The Bachelor Ben Higgins Episode 5 Recap | It's Fine I'm Fine blog

Over the weekend, the news blared horrific details of separate bombings and attacks that killed more than 100 people total in Syria and Nigeria. The Syrian war continues into its 5th year and Islamic extremist groups like ISIS and Boko Haram are only getting worse.

(where am i going with this, is this CNN???) I’m not about to preach that America is the safest country (or a safe country at all), but I do feel comfortable and safe as I reach for the remote to play recorded TV. Sometimes I think about life outside of my bubble and it’s hard. imsry. imdone. butyoushouldthinkaboutthewarinsyria.

Now that I’ve depressed everyone, let’s all gather to watch and laugh at one of our favorite American pastimes, The Bachelor, as Ben and his women seek amor in Mexico.

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