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It’s Fine, He Is Risen This Weekend, We’re Fine


An Easter guest post written by my sister, forever matron of honor, and lifelong hero, ALEXIS!

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“My First Massage And Facial” As Told By A Dude


This is a guest post and I’m mad bc it’s funnier than anything I’ve ever written.

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The Bachelor Ben Higgins Episode 8: Me too

Disclaimer: This is not Sassy. I know, I’m as upset as you are. I’ll try to be as funny as her, but I will most likely fail. Also, if this recap reads like her, it’s just because I can’t write a Bachelor recap without writing like Sassy. Sorry.

It starts out in Orange County and Ben is in capri pants with his Jesus bracelet thinking and talking about his ladies.

“It’s going to be an awesome week.” This is probably foreshadowing because it’s probably going to be horrible and I’m excited. Let’s do this. Let’s go. I’m ready. Continue reading


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Bachelor Women Have Everything To Gain, Only Dignity To Lose


started from the bottom now we’re E! News reporters

This is a guest blog post written by Paige M. Skinner from JustPMSing.com. Follow her except don’t follow her on Twitter bc she just got 1K followers and now she’s really full of herself: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK

This post is so on point. I approve this message. Happy Chris Kyle day.  

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