A Day In The Life Of Me, I Don’t See Why People Think I’m Self Absorbed?

It’s riveting, y’all.

7:00 AM CST
Hit snooze.

7:15 AM CST
Continue abusing the snooze button.

7:47 AM CST
Panic because running late now. Hop up out of bed. Get my swag on. Look in the mirror. Say what’s up. Hey. What’s up.

Scroll through Facebook and let the Gorilla ignorance stir my senses into rage and finally I’m awake.

8:00 AM CST
Deep in the swing of my morning make up routine which is really sophisticated now because I just recently bought two, yes, TWO, Anastasia matte lip glosses. I’m a beauty blogger now. I use adult make up now.



I recently replaced my morning music habit with podcast listening because I’m trying to be the person who is always learning, always staying in tune with the world, learning more about my craft, expanding my horizons.

With that said, this morning I listened to Bryson Tiller on Spotify so like what is self discipline.

8:15 AM CST
I make coffee for myself and use the to-go mugs that I bullied my roommate into buying me for my birthday. Thank you, KT. I use two Stevias and almond milk vanilla coffee creamer and yes, being vegan is going well, thanks for asking.

I also make breakfast. I always eat an egg for breakfast. Yes, an egg. One egg. I’m a bird.

I microwave said egg, because I’m too impatient for the stove-top method, I’m an impatient bird. I always eat the egg with Frank’s hot sauce. This is crucial. Don’t give me an egg without hot sauce or salsa.

8:30 AM CST
I’m using an example of a typical “good” day because personal branding. On a “good” day, I’m leaving my apartment in the Dallas ghetto just west of Uptown by or before 8:30 AM CST.

8:45 AM CST
Arrive in my work parking-lot and LOLOL I just realized I didn’t buy monthly parking for June and my car is currently in the lot with a May parking pass HAHA I probably have a ticket HAHAHAHAHAHAAH.

Working downtown isn’t all fun and games, kids.

From here, I have to walk two-three blocks to work so feel sorry for me because I’m too delicate for outdoor activity.

9:00 AM CST
I’m at my work desk. I go to the kitchen for coffee number two because I am your every day basic white girl working in social media and I’m a #CoffeeEnthusiast. If I can, I read The Skimm before catching up on work emails. Tell me I’m cultured and in-the-know. Ask me anything about ISIS.

I put headphones in my ears because I’m social and care about people and want them to talk to me.


I have a nine to five job and I’m very very busy and important but mostly very important. I’m probably spending most of 9-12 on a conference call taking selfies with Snapchat’s latest daily filter. Who knows. Who knows. Busy.

12:15: PM CST
The exciting lunch break, and by break, I mean I eat lunch at my desk and catch up on Twitter moments because news. Culture. Latest Kardashian selfies. I need to know.

Lunch varies based on how lazy I am that week. I hate meal prepping and grocery shopping and cooking and thinking about what I’m going to eat in the future. BUT LOVE EATING LOLOLOLOL.

Here’s my general lazy scale for work week lunches:

  • THE ACTUAL LAZIEST I CAN PHYSICALLY BE: I order from UberEats instant delivery. Like, if I want a salad I check the app at noon, order it, and have a salad within 5 minutes. Wow the instant gratification is real. And it’s amazing. And I order UberEats often.
  • ONLY SOMEWHAT LAZY: I’ll walk to an eatery nearby the office and buy lunch. But this requires physically removing myself from my double monitors so it’s not ideal. It’s hard.
  • ALSO ONLY SOMEWHAT LAZY: Sometimes my boyfriend has better things to do than cook for me which is weird but in those instances I’ll buy those prepackaged healthy meals from Kroger that only take 2 minutes to heat. With a yogurt cup. And afternoon orange. Every day. Sucker 4 routine N convenience ~~*~*##~!
  • KIND OF HAVE MY SHIT TOGETHER: My boyfriend cooked the night before and I meal prepped enough for myself to manually transfer a portion of the leftovers into Tupperware and place that container in a plastic sack, and remember to take that to work with me the next morning. Leftovers are also supplemented with oranges and yogurt cups.
  • WOW I’M A DIETITIAN FITNESS BLOGGER: I cooked family-sized portions the previous Sunday, and actual meal-prepped lunches for the week. So all I had to do that morning was grab one of said lunches. And they’re healthy lunches. Wow Wow Wowowowowow #wevegotabadass #itsme
  • SOMEONE GIVE ME MY OWN COOKING SHOW ON THE FOOD NETWORK: I compelted the previous step and then brought ALL said lunches INTO the workplace on Monday, so that 4/5 work days I don’t have to think about food in the morning. IT’S THERE. IN THE FRIDGE. WAITING FOR ME. WOW. WOW. WOWOWOWOWOWOW.

sorry that was an unexpected novel of weekly lunch habits is anyone still here

12:25 PM CST
Lunch goes by fast and so does my youth.

1:43 PM CST
My friend g chats me something that tells me she hasn’t ready my latest blog post yet.


oh u would kno that if u read my blog

2:45 PM CST
The great thing about staying at your desk at lunch is accomplishments. The worst thing is you’re ready to kill yourself before 3 PM. So that’s great, too. It’s about this time I eat my orange to avoid office candy or cake balls, and later, acquiescing to office candy and cake balls.

4:30 PM CST
My coworkers and I are joking about leaving early, secretly hoping the other one will leave early.

Awkward laughter.

5:00 PM CST
Someone asks, “When are you getting engaged?”


After 5:00 PM CST
I leave work in the 5th PM hour, unless I’m forced to stay until the 6 or 7th PM hour of the day. It’s far more ideal to just leave early and work from home later. Tell me I’m busy.

6:00 PM CST
Sometimes I work out. I am NOT a hashtag morning person. If I’m ever working out, I’ve been awake at least 8 hours and all the physical elements of my day and stars have aligned for that work out, and I have music. Only then.

I like to do Kayla Itsines. I also like to just get on a treadmill and zone out to music and not think about minutes or reps or sets. Those are my favorite work outs. The aimless ones with no real structure or sense of progress. Love them.

7:00 PM CST
Now I’m starving and I’m going to be a monster until I’ve fed myself a nutritionally well-balance meal with water.

7:15 PM CST
Cave into my friends and meet them at Desperadoes, sans shower, still in work out clothes HAHA.


8:30 PM CST
Now I’m home, in bed, two margs in, and ready to read the bible, write in my journal, pray, and read a book.

9:00 PM CST
Deep into binge watching The Office because it’s the only show on Netflix I care about watching four million times in a row. I’m in season three right now and I still get chills over Jim and Pam. I don’t see why people think I’m basic. I don’t get it.





10:30 PM CST
Tell myself I’m still lacking sleep from last weekend when I promised I’d catch up on sleep, and that I should go to sleep.

11:30 PM CST


Fascinating reads for fascinating minds. You’re welcome.


me all day. all day.


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