An Extremely Detailed and A Tad Unnecessary Timeline of Rachel and Dave Hollis’ Relationship

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If you’re half-aware of internet culture you may have caught wind of the Hollis Divorce Announcement 2020. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve made it my life’s mission to get to the bottom of it.

2002: Began dating while both working at Miramax.

January 2004: Rachel started an event planning business based in L.A. named Chic Events.

may 2004 😦 img from huffpo

May 29, 2004: Married. Rachel was 21, Dave was 28.

January 2007: Their first son, Jackson, was born.

September 2008: Their second son, Sawyer, was born.

Sometime in 2012: Rachel got a boob job.

Also in 2012: Their journey with adoption began, in hopes to adopt a girl from Ethiopia. A detailed chronicle through 2016 can be found here.

February 2012: Rachel wrote about how ugly their wedding was.

July 2012: Their third son, Ford, was born.

January 2013: Chic Events became Chic Media, which lasted until 2017.

2014: The Hollis Co. was founded, according to its LinkedIn Business page. Yet according to Rach’s personal LinkedIn page, she’s been Founder and CEO of it since January 2013. One has to assume “Chic Media” and “The Holls Co.” are interchangeable companies. IDFK. Do you have any other questions about investigative reporting.

ok those are literally rachel’s and dave’s feet. did u kno 😦

February 2014: Party Girl, Rachel’s first fiction in “The Girls” series launched.

May 29, 2014: Rach and Dave celebrated their 10 year anniversary in their backyard. They did a vowel renewal every 5 years.

3% chance tho 😦

October 2014: Just months after celebrating 10 years together, Rachel wrote about the infamous 3% bracelet. An expensive piece of gold jewelry she rewarded herself with after she successfully landed a mega business deal — something her husband told her she only had a 3% chance of landing. Based on the timeline, we can assume Dave said she only had a 3% chance of landing her first big book deal, Party Girl.

February 2015: Party Girl’s First Date dropped. A follow up novella, “1.5”

April 2015: A not-yet-known-by-the-world Rachel goes viral for flaunting her body and is referred to as “Mom from viral bikini photo encourages others to share their stretch marks, flaws”.

May 2015: Sweet Girl, the sequal.

September 2015: Rachel blogged about what her and Dave fight about. Money, sex, chores, kids, temperaments, in-laws.

2016: Rachel makes Inc.’s 30 under 30 list according to this list. And yet she would have been 33 in 2016. She’s also missing from this landing page. I’m just as confused as you are. Was she on this list ever? It’s unclear.

January 2016: Smart Girl, third and final book in Rachel’s fiction Girls series launched.

February 28, 2017: Noah was born and adopted by Rachel and Dave. #HollisAdoption is a thing on Instagram.

June 2017: Rachel launched her first podcast, Dais, later changed the name to RISE Podcast.

June 9-10, 2017: The first RISE women’s conference in Austin, TX, where women paid $250-350 to connect and get motivated.

December 2017: Chic Media company ended, according to LinkedIn.

Also December 2017: Rach & Dave posted a marriage advice video. The first tip is to read about Enneagram compatibility. Hire a cleaning person is the fourth tip.

February 2018: Rachel’s first self-help book Girl Wash Your Face came out.

March 2018: Dave quit his prestigious role at Disney to be CEO at the Hollis Co.

May 2018: The Chic Site rebranded to The Hollis Co.

June 2018: HoCo family moved to ATX. (Austin, TX).

July 2018: RISE together podcast launched the first episode. This is basically Rachel’s podcast 2.0 but now including Dave.

August 2, 2018: The documentary Made For More, an “inside look at chasing the biggest of dreams,” released in select theaters. Rachel said this doc was an answer to people asking, “How can I experience RISE conference without being there?”

September 21-22, 2018: RISE together conference for couples, where couples spent over $1,800 on tickets (not including travel and hotel) to spend a weekend learning from Rach and Dave about marriage.

March 2019: Rachel’s second self-help book Girl Stop Apologizing dropped.

May 2019: Rachel launched a QVC clothing line.

May 29, 2019: The then-happy couple celebrated 15 years together in Ireland with a vowel renewal. Remember they did a vowel renewal anniversary celebration every 5 years. Dave’s Insta caption said, “I started my vows with a declaration of pride — how proud I am that we didn’t decide to coast, mail it in, to stop trying when things got hard. More than that, this recognition of how far we’ve come from those baby kids who got married 15 years ago as tangible proof of how far we can go in the next 15.”

According to his 2020 divorce Insta caption announcement, they were likely already “considering divorce” during their 15th anniversary. His original Insta divorce announcement post was deleted in July, just over a month after posting.

january 6 new hair new year new you, rach

January 6, 2020: Rachel posted a new hair cut. We all know drastic hair cuts signify deep life changes.

January 9, 2020: Rachel’s 37th birthday.

February 14, 2020: Dave’s 45th birthday.

March 10, 2020: Dave’s book Get Out Of Your Own Way launched.

Also Mid-March: Apparently around the time quarantine started, Rachel began writing a book about getting over grief and it apparently had nothing to do with the divorce originally.

March 23, 2020: Rachel and Dave’s morning live stream show gets actual coverage on Good Morning America.

May 29, 2020: Their 16 year anniversary. Neither of them posted about their anniversary, but Rachel did post on Instagram three times that day:

1) A screenshot of one of her tweets about gratitude

2) A post-run three-minute video promoting the 90-day challenge

3) A picture of herself holding the dinner she made that night.

march 30 screenshot from the email 😦

March 30, 2020: Rachel and Dave announce via email that they will begin a 90-day challenge, a way to “keep you motivated and living your best life.”

may 31 the day rachel initiated the divorce 😦

May 31, 2020: This is the day that Rachel asked Dave for a divorce, according to his post on July 26. One assumes she asked him after posting this pic. In regards to the caption… is it going great???? Is it really though?? This is why there are critics of her authenticity and “realness”.

April 1, you can do hard things. unless you dont want to.

April 1, 2020: Rachel posted a motivational quote about doing hard things, promoting the 90 day challenge.

april 9, in the process of divorce but still promoting marriage tips on the podcast

April 9, 2020: Rachel posted about their sacred weekly Thursday date nights as well as promoting their latest podcast episode with tips to date your spouse.

april 17 what divorce

April 17, 2020: Rachel posted more quarantine survival tips. Honestly what divorce.

april 23, still posting that marriage content despite apparent divorce paperwork

April 23, 2020: Almost a month after Rachel told Dave she didn’t want to be married anymore, she posted all smiles on Instagram promoting their latest podcast episode about what it means to be a leader in your family.

april 30, a podcast about making out

April 30, 2020: This one is especially confusing. Rachel posted a photo of her and Dave that she will later repurpose to announce their divorce. On this day, she promoted a podcast, where she and Dave discuss quarantine make out sessions. The timeline shows quarantine started Mid March, while Rachel asked Dave for a divorce late March. When exactly were they making out. At what point do you ask your soon-to-be ex husband to record a podcast episode about making out sessions.

may 19, happy mother’s day

May 19, 2020: Dave gave Rachel a vintage concert tee for Mother’s Day.

June 8, 2020: Announced divorce on Instagram. (71 days after the 90-day challenge began). Rachel’s post is here. Dave’s has since been deleted.

july 26, dave makes the decision to turn hollis nation against rach

July 26, 2020: The day Dave posted two bombs on Instagram. 1) Rachel initiated the divorce and 2) two days after their 16 year anniversary. Women flooded the comments in support of Dave.

same day july 26, clueless rach posts photo of dog and is attacked in the comments

Also July 26, 2020: Evidently unaware of the bombs exploding on Dave’s Instagram, Rachel posts a photo with her new dog. The comments on her posts have a much different tone from Dave’s.

August 2, 2020: Rachel announced she’s coming out with a third self-help book about grief. “Even though the words were written, even though I believed they could be helpful to someone—I knew it was impossible to keep this book in its original form without acknowledging the fresh destruction I find myself in,” Rachel said in her Instagram, alluding to covering the divorce to some degree.

August 10, 2020: The RISE app launched. It’s basically a paid fitness app for people who don’t want to associate themselves with fitness. Rachel and Dave worked on this app together for years, but announced its launch separately. The app is targeted to people who care less about fitness and are more likely to pay a monthly fee for an app that explains the divorce, amirite.

August 12, 2020: Rachel said “Someone just left a comment saying, ‘God is in control, not us’ …. I disagree.” on livestream.

Sometime in August 2020: Dave announced he is working on a new self help book called, “Not What Ships Are Built For” to be released September 2021, just one year after Rachel’s grief-focused book launches.

August 22, 2020: Dave announced he is godfather of Rachel’s sister’s child.

august 24 weirdness in the comments

August 24, 2020: Dave continues to post comments on Rachel’s posts and faces both criticism and praise from their followers. This one included heart emojis.

o no 😦

September 7, 2020: In a seemingly unrelated life event, Jen Hatmaker posted a divorce announcement, asking followers to “Pray for Us.” Rumors from Hollis Nation immediately began flying about the possibility of Ms. Hollis and Mr. Hatmaker. There is literally no evidence behind these rumors, other than both christian-motivation-influencer couples live in Austin, TX.

3% productions question mark????? 😦

September 15, 2020: Rachel posted on Instagram about welcoming new 2 new shows her “podcast family.” The post failed to acknowledge the subtle branding on the photos–which shows “3% CHANCE PRODUCTIONS” upon further zooming–or the fact that she’s apparently launching a podcast production company named after her favorite insult.

thirst traps 😦

September 17, 2020: Dave posted a hip thrusting work out on Instagram Stories and I received more DMs than I ever have.

September 29, 2020: Rachel’s third self-help book drop date. Incoming Didn’t See That Coming. And neither did we, Rach.

You can follow more #Hollis911 updates as well as un-asked for and unnecessary content in my story highlights.

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