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I Enlisted A Data Analyst To Identify Whether I Like Reputation Or Lover More


Also included: 7 reasons why I love Tay.

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Five Kind of Late Life & Pop Culture Updates You Didn’t Ask For And Don’t Care About


Thanks for tuning into NPR Up First! Here are the 5 things you need to know before taking a bite out of your morning toast! This is your SNL Weekly Update!

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I’m A Friend To The Sick, The Poor, And The Skinny


In celebrity world, a girl squad is full of models and then there is one Lena Dunham. There’s always that one girl.

In reality/muggle world, a girl squad is full of Lena Dunhams and there is one Karlie Kloss. Or one un-talented version of Taylor Swift friend. There’s always that one girl.

Here is a story of a muggle squad being a friend to the sick, the poor, and that one skinny friend.

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