Search Party Season 4 Moments We Need To Be Talking About

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Every time Elliot shrieks por-SHA!!!!!!


Elliot is the funniest person on television right now hands down

Think of all of the funniest characters on TV right now. David Schitt. Michael Scott. Leslie Knope. Who else. Idk. ELIOTT IS FUNNIER.

Everything he says. His over the top personality. He is the most despicable and the most likable. He can be saying the most neutral sentence and John Early’s delivery being Elliot makes the whole show.

image via HBO Max

The wild ridiculous fashion

This is prevalent in all seasons but feels emphasized in S4. Elliot and Portia are a whimsically hilarious contrast to the context surrounding them: their missing friend, lying, mental illness, murder, etc. Portia’s purple feather coat in broad daylight, Elliot’s oversized scarves, and coats in absurdly bright patterns and colors. Topped with sweaters and hats equally loud. Full suits with “No” written on it. Bustle wrote an article about Elliot’s fashion. I love a confidently clothed character, both in fiction and reality.


Chloe as Charli as Tomi was too real

It was scary.

Elliot kept alluding to having secret kids????

This kept coming up. In his demands when agreeing to become a republican at his news station and again when he went with Drew and Portia to knock on the “twink’s” boathouse door.

I have a feeling this will be answered in season five and is probably younger siblings, not children?

“We’re not going to say you’re attractive. You’re fishing.”

When Elliot snaps back at the twink. A moment.

image via HBO Max

The actors who were cast to in Savage: The Dory Seif Story lol

Busy Philips’ character was cast to play Portia, despite being a decade older, to Portia’s chagrin. King of Instagram Benny Drama cast as Elliot. Artsy African American cast as basic Drew and of course Portia as Dory lol. And yet maybe the most absurd: a supermodel cast to play Chantal.

I need more Benny Drama acting cameos.

“You’re the ugly friend and I’m the pretty friend.”

Portia drunk yelling at Dory. This is so mean. But can’t you picture a friend actually saying that in their worst moment?! It seems very real.

And yet after Dory dragged Portia into a “Search Party” and through a murder trial, everything they went through, Portia arguably has a right to have negative feelings towards Dory and it’s comical the meanest thing from Portia’s heart is, “I’m the pretty friend.”

Every time Elliot shrieks por-SHA!!!!!!

This is one my favorite parts of the whole show, it’s stupid, and it happens several times throughout the series. It happens again in Season 4 when Porta finds the twink on the candy wrapper. Moments that aren’t meant to be funny in the show are suddenly funny when Elliot throws out a porSHAAA!!!!

Drew can physically NOT stop lying

One of my favorite quotes is, “One capable of lying is capable of anything.”

It’s assumed his lying days are done after the trial when he moves, changes his name, and works at a Disneyland-like theme park. BUT HE KEEPS GOING. He is even dating a new girl — MORE ON HER LATER — and he lies about his life before the theme park, his Google history, where he’s going, and why. Drew is addicted to lying and it makes you wonder what else he will continue to be capable of doing as the show progresses more intensely to finding Dory, and beyond, in season five.

image via HBO Max

“How could you let this happen to yourself. I don’t understand your generation. Snap out of it”

When Ann Dowd, playing the neighbor, says this to Dory, who is obviously being held captive as prisoner against her will. This moment is great because it subtlety hints at how many people of that generation views millennials in general. Like how many young people are enslaved in depression and anxiety against their will, and all one has to do to cure it is to simply “snap out of it”.

Is Drew’s Princess girlfriend actually the most disturbed character on the show?

I saw a Tik Tok that may have hinted to the plot of season five. THE PRINCESS WAS IN SEASON ONE not in her costume, but as a photographer innocently taking photos of Dory without her permission. The Tik Tok predicted she has been stalking Drew the entire show and that’s why she fell in love with him so fast.


Her derangement and reason for working as a princess in the ever-happy theme park was revealed in S4, when she told the story of accidentally killing a baby while babysitting as a young teen.

I’m kind of into Aunt Lylah’s house decor lol help?

The colonial house! The wallpaper! Traditional interiors! Staircase! Gilded art!

I have bad taste help.

WHAT WHAT WHAT is Portia’s whole apartment?!

The biggest lie in television is women’s hair always being perfectly down and New York apartments. So while the massive fictional size of her apartment is expected, what’s totally bizarre and never addressed in the show is the freaking decor and style of it all. Black and white polka dot curtains. 80s colored kitchen cabinetry. Neon paint and furniture. WHAT IS GOING ON.

“I am brave and I am strong and I have guilt.”

Portia’s self pep talk before knocking on the twink’s boathouse door. Also probably a commonly used mantra among many.

When Marcus finds a demented Dory and ignores all the red flags to post a selfie just to make Elliott jealous

“I’m gonna caption it, ‘Mark and Dory forever!'” This is so real.

Mean, self-absorbed millennials being too nice to turn down a ride from the creepy stranger

Being too nice is the death of us all. This is so relatable.

The cameraman’s sticky fingers were sticky because of Chip’s candy bar

On Wilma’s show when the audience keeps applauding for Chantal. The “applaud” button was stuck due the cameraman eating the candy with Chip’s face. If you blink you’ll miss it.

Close up of Susan Sarandon’s red lips in her first scene on the show

Allusion to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which she starred in. I love RHPS.

image via HBO Max

Ohmygod when the princess proposes to Drew lolicant

This was so funnycringe. But I loved that it pushed Drew to finally admitting to still being in love with Dory. It’s one of the only moments on the season he was honest.

When you know you know you know, you know.

“I’m not an evil mastermind. I’m just inbred and wealthy.”

Cole Escola y’all. His performance. He was somehow both terrifying and innocent, each in its own twisted way. His humor and delivery in playing the amateur abductor who just wanted a friend made him almost likable. ALMOST, NOT ENTIRELY.

Then upon learning his Aunt Lylah was actually his mom, he spiraled to a point of having indifference towards Dory and even coming to peace with finally understanding “why he’s a freak.” Like as if this revelation frees him from having to force someone to be his friend.

The lost generation heart to heart on the side of the road

After the proposal, the three friends walk along a road in the dark. On this walk, Drew has a breakdown about why he can’t the princess because he can’t love himself. It spirals into Elliot and Portia comforting him and having their own breakdowns, each confessing their own guilt and self-loathing.

All of them screaming:

Portia: I’m so exhausted trying to find my f*cking power. Please just tell me who I am!!!
Elliot: Or any of us! We’re all so lost! We’re a lost generation!
Drew: It’s like we just have to make a mockery of all our lives.

Despite trying to console themselves for being bad people, they immediately decide it’s not worth trying to save or help their best friend Dory, who is locked in a burning house down the street. “What a day from hell,” Drew says as Dory burns.


I can’t. I literally can’t. This blew my mind. So infuriating. It’s like the writers are trying to convey we are all in control of our choices, life, destiny, and whatever happens to us happens because we let it. At least this was true for Dory.

Drew’s ukulele song at the funeral

This was great. What a moment. Sweet. Drew’s great. I typed out the song here, you’re welcome.

We were the best, we were the worst.
Our love came last our love came first
We were only for a moment, but it was a lifetime for you
And I loved you no matter what
Oh I loved you no matter what
It’s true I loved you no matter what
We were broken, we were whole
We were a burnt casserole
I only knew you when I knew you, but it could never be enough
Oh I love you no matter what
Oh I love you no matter what
It’s true, I love you no matter what

All of the friends’ eulogies were so funny. Portia’s obsession with telling everyone she’s an actress, Elliot calling her a “lying manipulative bitch,” turning it into a deep speech about “things you don’t like in other people are the things you don’t like in yourself. We are all unlikable!!!!” Despite forcing everyone to say something insulting to the person they’re sitting next to, Elliott’s speech got a ton of applause ending with “GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY!”

Skimming episodes again for this blog post, a line by Portia stuck out to me as foreshadowing:

“I can’t help but feel like she had more power and years in her and I’m sad I won’t get to see that.”

Gail trying to have a “Me too” moment about Dory at Dory’s funeral?

Gail tries to confide in both of Dory’s ex-boyfriends, asking them if Dory ever tried to kiss them too lol.

I only bring this up because it’s so random, weird, and bizarre. Like this HAS to be answered is season five right? The only thing I can predict is the princess photographer dressed as Dory and tried to kiss Gail. Idk. Grasping at straws. But what on earth.

Chantal’s one redeeming moment

I hated Chantal. Everything about her is so cringe. Everything she did was the worst. She was my single most despised character lol.

But there was a really sweet moment at the funeral: When Chantal said, “She made me feel so special. More special than anyone ever has.”

The line in latin Chantal said translates to “he who wants everything loses everything”

I googled it. Undoubtedly talking about Dory.

image via HBO Max

All the versions of Dory attending her own funeral

Frumpy sweater clueless college Dory. Put-together, in-control of her destiny red dress Dory. Calculated courtroom sweater dress Dory. Kidnapped and redeemed leather jacket Dory.

This was deep. This hits. We can all relate on some level. Not with her exact experiences, but the concept of certain versions of yourself dying as you age, change, and generally grow hardened to the world! lol!

When they envision their future lives as if Dory had lived

I loved this little dreamy scene, it was sweet. And that hilarious moment when in Elliot’s dreams, his partner is a redneck.

The final plot twist moment at the end

After the last version of Dory stepping in line with the other “dead” versions of Dory (college, courtroom, red dress) after dying in the fire. Then waking up gasping for air in an ambulance.

Unbelievable. After giving us fully wrapped up closure over her death with a bow, Dory turns out to be alive.


The show got approved for another season and im DED. Things to remember going into the next season:

  • We can assume the funeral was all in Dory’s head. But will the clairvoyant’s “518” vision come up again and have more meaning?
  • How will the princess character evolve into someone with more depth, how will her dark side come out?
  • Chip’s family and legal team are following “the gang” and all their family members to protect Chip. Or was that also just in Dory’s head?
  • Will Dory be angry with her friends for giving up on saving her?
  • What is the deal with Gail thinking Dory tried to kiss her while she was sleeping?
  • Will we ever hear from June, April’s living twin sister? (PS – they are real life twin actresses)


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