A Guide to Dallas Fashion Bloggers


actually only one of these girls is a dallas blogger but this photo is just chic. photo via thedaniaustin.com but more on that blog later.

At the request of many readers, everything you need to know, and everything you will never need to know, about Dallas bloggers is here. 


I am FASCINATED by fashion bloggers. And the culture it’s become. I’m fascinated by their outfit choices, how they make money, how they shamelessly post photos of themselves, how much they spend on clothes/beauty/hair, which other bloggers they’re friends with, how they share their personal life, what they eat, their religion, their marriage, ALL OF IT IS ENDLESSLY STUPID AND FASCINATING.

It started way back in maybe 2012 when I discovered “Amber’s Notebook“. Then I found other OGs like Atlantic Pacific and Gal Meets Glam, my all-time faves. Like I want to frame photos of Blaire Eadie in my future home. Like for art. This is normal.

There are the internationally known bloggers and then there are the bloggers largely known only to their community. These are the bloggers I’m focusing on today.

My friends and I talk about Dallas fashion bloggers like we have met and know them personally. We know too much. And yet we know only what they have chosen to share with the world.

Here’s what I’ve concluded.

The Actual Best Style: Dallastyle

dallas style

The amazing thing about fashion bloggers is most of them actually have pretty bad taste and no sense of fashion. A lot of them wear the exact same thing and just whatever is “in” or trendy. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They help the peasants like me find good deals and places to shop. But there are rare gems like Dallastyle who find pieces I would never think to buy and style them in a way I would never think to wear them. Good IG to follow. I legit get inspired by her outfits. Her style is different, yet feminine, edgy but wearable. She just seems like a level of coolness I’ll never achieve but let me borrow that top?????????????????????????

The Most Professional Fashion Blogger: Lonestar Southern


I refuse to believe Kate of the LonestarSouthern blog is a real person. She is so perfect it is shocking. *S H O C K I N G*. The other day I had a dream she finally got engaged to her boyfriend (THE COWBOY AS SHE REFERS TO HIM) and in my dream I said, “I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS CONTENT.” Help me. Her voice is so small and cute, which would normally annoy me/make me suicidal, but she seems so genuine and pure, I like can’t hate her. I’ve tried. I can’t. The first thing you need to know about our friend Kate, who I honestly just refer to as Lonestar, is that she STRICTLY STICKS TO FASHION. She does NOT overshare personal stories about her life (which I don’t mind when bloggers do this let’s be real lol). Lonestar only discusses her latest obsessions in fashion, gifts, and travel. Like most Dallas bloggers, she also posts about her faith a lot, but that’s about as personal as it gets. She is v Professional Fashion Blogger. Her IG stories attest to that. She is not on her couch, without make up, taking a selfie video talking about her mood. Her IG stories are actual works of art with fonts, colors, and all of them serve the purpose of promoting her blog posts or clothes yall i’ve already written to much about her moving on.


example of today’s artfully done IG story. WHO DOES STRAIGHT LINES ON IG STORIES? NO ONE ELSE THAT’S WHO.

except i’m not done

This culture of “Try On Hauls” semi make me sick to my stomach, but I don’t mind watching Kate’s because she is just so genuine and I believe everything she says.

Also she was a Kappa so we are sisters.

Also she posts cute affordable things you can actually buy.

Also she once replied to my IG comment that her jean size is 23 and I was like same and then cried on the inside

Also I tweet about bloggers a lot and Lonestar is the only blogger I ALWAYS get tweets back about how much people love her. She is a Dallas favorite.

Ok done ok

The Most Relatable And Just REALLY REAL Fashion Blogger: Brighton The Day


Lonestar’s perfection is captivating but also entirely un-relatable. Which brings me to Brighton, the most real and relatable fashion blogger in Dallas, (THAT IS EXCEPT FOR HER MANSION HOME AND CLOSET, NOT RELATABLE, BUT IT’S FINE). Brighton blogs about her mental, emotional, and spiritual struggles. She posts about her faith a lot. One might read and think TMI but I think a lot of readers mostly relate. As I read her posts about how she feels so overwhelmed by the tiniest of things, I’m like omg me too, Brighton, me too. Her IG stories are mostly her selfie-videoing in her home or car, often without make up, talking about “haters” or something that upset her that day.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 12.55.22 PM

my entire apartment fits in her calf-length boots cubby and it’s fine

I think she also lives with Dani Austin (I think IDK CAN SOMEONE CONFIRM WHO BRIGHTON IS ROOMMATES WITH) and yet I never see them post together so ARE THEY EVEN FRIENDS??????? NEED TO KNOW WHO IS FRIENDS WITH WHO THANKS.

Brighton and Dani are Paige’s favorites and Paige is probably the most cynical, critical person I know so there’s that.

The Fashion Blogger Who Is Actually a Super Viral YouTube Star: Dani Austin


all of the bloggers have this skirt rn and i need it too tbh

Dani just got engaged and is the actual happiest human on earth rn. Don’t follow her if you’re going through a dark time lol. Her fiance created this elaborate video explaining the whole huge helicopter rooftop surprise proposal, so if you’re into that kind of thing then you can also go follow his Instagram (YES, I FOLLOW HIS INSTAGRAM), which is mostly just cute photos of Dani with cute captions. I once created an IG for Lane (help) in the hopes that he would start posting cute photos of me with cute captions.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 12.45.24 PM

no posts yet

Anyways, Dani was an authentic YT star before becoming a blogger so if you’re into videos, she has all of the video content. Dani has tape in extensions and I want tape in extensions.

The Most Hilarious Fashion Blogger: Courtney Kerr

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 1.43.32 PM

Sorry I am not sorry I miss Courtney Loves Dallas and wish it was still on air. Courtney walking into her closet and saying “Helloooo ladies!!!” or bringing a dozen raw eggs to a potluck brunch is comedy gold and I’m here for it and I’m so sorry. The show got canceled after 1 season, but her IG stories are just as funny. They’re also v educating. She IG videos every weird beauty treatment she does like microblading and fat freezing and facials and everything ever. I think maybe twice a month about if she has a boyfriend or if she wishes she was married and settled down. Everythinig is fine.  I met her once. Everything is fine.

The Most Enviable Wardrobe Belongs to: Murphy’s Law

Ok so our friend Lo Murph is who I consider the Atlantic Pacific of Dallas, and it’s honestly the highest compliment I could give someone. Her style is very trendy first lady, very feminine, very classic, tasteful, and VERY VERY EXPENSIVE. Everything is from ShopBop and Neiman’s and it’s a joke from hell but god so chic. Her wedding was chic. Probably the chicest of all blogger weddings. Her RING IS LIKE THE SIZE OF A NEWBORN FETUS.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 2.17.27 PM

had to dig far back in IG for this and you are so welcome

The Chicest Taste In Home Decor: Dallas Wardrobe

Oh my god y’all. Our friend Amy Havins at DW lives in HP and her home is stunning. If you need home decor inspo, this blog is goals on goals on goals. You will notice a lot of bloggers dub themselves as interior designers also, and most of the time their home style is very pinteresty and girly and sprinkled with leopard, hot pink, and framed word signs that say “HUSTLE” or “GIRL BOSS”.

Not today, Satin.

Not in Amy’s house.

I live for her home room reveals.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 1.51.25 PM


She also just had a baby boy and I followed her pregnancy V CLOSELY for nine whole actual months and THIS GIRL NEVER POSTED A SINGLE MATERNITY PIC. I’M HALF WAY CONVINCED SHE WAS NEVER PREGNANT AT ALL. IT’S ALARMING.

Amy is the one blogger who I’d actually love to have on my podcast because I feel like she is least blogger-y fashion blogger, the least basic blogger in a way, and I’d love to pick her brain about all of it.

Her style is very close to Lo Murphy’s and I can’t afford any of it, and it’s pointless for me to follow, and it’s fine. It’s very HP Housewife Understated Nautical Chic.

The Blogger With The Longest Instagram Story: The Miller Affect


This is today

I am convinced that grammatically it’s supposed to be “effect” but that’s neither here nor there. If you love the entire behind the scenes life of a blogger, Miller is your girl. Her IG stories are not “_____ ______ ____” they are “…………………..” on the top of your phone. She IG stories EVERYTHING. Try on sessions, stories about her family, the making of blog posts, photo shoots, fashion events, birthday dinners she’s attending, YOU. NAME. IT. She just got married and had really chic wedding content. She also followed and quickly unfollowed mine and Paige’s SFB account which is also neither here nor there.

I actually purchased my first Third Love bra through Miller and am forever in her debt now.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 1.59.31 PM

and yes paige and i bought this shirt lols the irony

The Best Lifestyle Content: Chronicles of Frivolity

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 1.27.42 PM

i literally cannot wait to read this

Oh boy. I saved this one for last bc Katey is my girl. I used to follow Katey’s content religiously but have honestly been slacking since I’ve started planning a wedding BUT I AM HERE TO SAY that Katey has the best lifestyle and general advice content. Katey has the best advice for maintaining a home. Organizing. Packing. Cleaning. Online shopping. Shopping in store. What to get your bridesmaids. What to buy your pregnant friends. Pregnancy guides. Traveling guides. Morning routine. Eyeshadow routine. Hair routine. Summer hair routine. Natural eyebrow routine. Eating habits. Wedding make up. Every day make up. Anything. Everything. Her lifestyle blog posts tend to be really long and I like to settle in, get cozy, and enjoy the long read about the latest event in her life that spurred a mini novel.

My favorites lol:

I will also do or buy anything she tells me to.

Katey once blogged a Whole30 avocado-egg recipe she said she eats often and I kid you not when I say this has been the lunch I’ve packed to work for like the past 2 months. I use TULA products, own a Glambox, use Neulash, and have a bright red Loreal lipstick all bc Katey blogged it first. The same teenage Asian girl is the first to leave a comment on every single blog post and I have noticed this.

Her blogs go live every morning at 5 am and it has oddly become a relaxing ritual for me to get into work early and know that there is a Chronicles of Frivolity blog post in my inbox with some form of advice for living my life. And I notice when a day goes by and a COF article didn’t post.

I also follow her husband, mom, and sister on Instagram and I don’t want to talk about it.


ty 4 reading



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