This Post Is About Worship Music Happy Ash Wednesday


Strap in, guys. Because this one’s about music. Jesus music.

I haven’t always liked worship music. Even after getting involved in a local church and joining a community group, I would still purposefully (yet also very naturally) run late to church because I had no problem missing the music portion. Christian radio was always a painful experience. And I sure as HAYLE didn’t listen to it on my own at home, except for like VERY FEW songs, which I’ll get to soon, hang in there.

One year, that same community group and I decided to make sUmMeR GoAlS. Mine was to “try to get into worship music” and I’m more shocked than anyone that it worked.

I started out by just turning on christian radio in the car, even if I wasn’t actively listening to it. But the best thing for me was asking friends who loved christian music about their favorite bands/artists. And the thing is, like, it’s 2016, and there are SO MANY GENRES OF CHRISTIAN MUSIC NOW it’s almost alarming, like I swear I’ve heard EDM christian music on the radio recently. It’s very unique.

So there’s something for everyone, I strongly believe. Below are some of my favez.

Worship songs you need to listen to if you hate worship music:

1. Twenty three by Enter the Worship Circle

So fun story, I was Spotifying music as an ignorant 21-year-old, searching for party music to play on my 22nd birthday, and just by searching “22,” what do you know, this one comes up, and I’ve been in love with it ever since.

It’s very acousticy and mellow and chill. In fact, it might be too mellow and chill for most so proceed with caution.

2. Fill me up by United Pursuit ft. Will Reagan

This song is from 2009 so if everyone has already heard it I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s a new one for me. I love his voice and the lyrics are great. It’s catchy. It’s deep. It’s kind of repetitive so I’m sorry.

3. Oceans by Hillsong United



I first heard Oceans by Kyleen Michelle, but Hillsong’s version is equally amazing. The bridge of this song is so powerful, it scares me. One of my friends walked down the aisle on her wedding day to this song — like it’s that good. A few listens of Oceans, and you’ll be ready to lead the Israelites out of Egypt in no time.

Oh and one time I was at a Flyleaf concert (i just was) and she started singing this song and I actually left the friends I was standing with to stand closer to the stage and enjoy the song more, and it’s somewhere on my Instagram, so go scroll and enjoy.

But seriously I can’t stres this song enough.

4. Come on my soul by Rend Collective

I’m positive that non-worship-music-listeners will like this song because I’m not 100% confident that it’s even worship music. It’s like just like kind of a catchy tune that says “come on, my soul” repeatedly and I’m into it.

5. Touch the sky by Hillsong United



Look at that, another Hillsong song, I’m not obsessed. This is on christian radio literally every 3 minutes and I’m okay with it. In other news, Kanye West also has a gr8 song called Touch the Sky wait what.

There are mores songs worth giving a go, and they’re all here, in this convenient Spotify playlist, ur welcome.

I just feel strongly about worship music and the affect it’s had on my faith and daily life. I can’t image not having these songs in my weekly routine now. To just drive that point home, Shane and Shane was miraculously my top played artist on Spotify last year (DRAKE MADE TOP FIVE BUT ANYWAYS), and trust me, I’m more shocked about it than you.

What are your favorite Christian songs? Leave a comment. (Ps This is not a desperate attempt at getting blog comments, I genuinely want to know. Gr8.)


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4 responses to “This Post Is About Worship Music Happy Ash Wednesday

  1. Molly Fisher

    Hi I think you and your blog are cool. My favorite is Set a Fire by Will Reagan (but the live verson – there’s something so honest and authentic about it).


  2. Oh I love live versions! Can’t wait to listen to this, how have I not listened to Will Reagan more??? I THINK YOU’RE COOL, MOLLY 😉


  3. Robin Shannon

    These are great songs. I wasn’t into worship songs at your age because there weren’t such cool churches (sounds bad, I know) to know what worship actually meant or felt like. I live that you know and feel it! Love you!!


  4. I’m sure I would have been the same way if I were you, back then. Thank you for reading, Aunt Robin 🙂 !!


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