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I Survived July Fourth 2016 So Now I’m Enlisting In The Marines


Near-death boating incidents, Trump supporters, and other things I survived over July 4th weekend 2016.

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Watch Out World And Blake Shelton, I’m Platinum Now


yes, this is my head

The lob saga continues. Srsly should I just start a new blog called “The Lob Diaries” or “Lob And The City” or “Can’t Stop Stop Won’t Stop Getting My Hair Done”?????

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Three Lies To Tell Yourself Before Getting A Lob

Remember when I was neck-deep in a spiritual warfare about whether or not I should lob my hair? I just used lob as a verb.


hair inspo help am i bald yet help

Well if you aren’t one of the few, the proud, the Marines, AKA the people who I group text on a regular basis, or follow me on social media, allow me to enlighten you.

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Reasons I Really Do Kind Of But Not Want A “Lob”


Who is this girl? Is her name lob? She shows up anywhere you type “lob” I swear and why is her hair perfect who is she what year is it

Here’s the thing: I really want trendy, choppy, effortless, blunt, rolled-out-of-my-actual-bed hair. Just like lob girl above, and every celebrity, and all of your friends.

But I also want long hair. And a million dollars. So you see my problem. Here are my top reasons and general thoughts surrounding why I really do kind of but don’t at all but still do want a lob cut.

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