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Must-Read Blog: Once You Go Mack


Pls use caution when tweeting Mack.

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I asked you what you wanted me to blog about and you didn’t disappoint

I’m getting emotional watching the little mermaid while writing this but I’m going to try to hold it together.


The other day I Instagrammed, asking what you wanted me to blog about and the responses were just ok. Just kidding they were awesome. Some were really funny, and some were potentially offensive to other readers, which is also really funny.

Here’s what you wanted me to blog about:

  • Marketing/social media/P.R. tips. I don’t know anything about P.R. writing. I considered offering some social media tips in my recent self-important my job is real blog, but maybe it will be a future blog, or maybe it will just be a one-on-one convo and not a blog who knows.
  • Man buns and men in skinny jeans in general. A man buns blog is coming. (Spoiler alert: I’m not into them. Another spoiler alert: I’ve asked like 78 girls their feelings on man buns. Blog research is real).
  • How to break it to your extended family that they aren’t the target blog audience. This is a brilliant idea, known to be true by many bloggers I’m sure. While we all cringe knowing our grandmas, aunts, and step-uncles know about our going out habits, we don’t stop blogging about it.
  • Why dressing like a poor chic hippy is actually so expensive. Valid point. Why is it so hard to pull off homeless chic? And why do you have to marry into a trust-fund family to afford it? How much to men with man buns spend on hair products?
  • Why celiacs hate the gluten free trend. This would be a guest post, by my cousin Judy, who is also a blogger and a mother. She is a mommy blogger. Most mommy bloggers are basic and overly fluffy, but this blog is REAL and hilarious and will offer a nice afternoon blog work break. See here: http://wheresmymilk.wordpress.com.
  • A typical day in the life of Augusta. I’m a celebrity and the people want to know what that’s like.
  • Sunday fundayz. One time me and two friends accidentally got drunk at a nail salon on a Sunday. Dallas is weird. I should probably get started on more research for this blog and stop everything I’m doing and start brunching???
  • My budget. I got impatient and wrote this already.
  • My intern. <<<3333
  • Embracing rainbows. I don’t know what this means but it sounds sugary.
  • Tinder. I actually have only been on one Tinder date and it was boring. I haven’t been on the app for over a year. However, PMS has some great Tinder blogs to quench your ohmygodshedidwhat thirst.
  • The epidemic of boudoir photoshoots, pre-weddings. I want to write this blog. I really do. But what about all the white girls out there actually doing this? Will I hurt their feelings? Do I have enough material to write this? How many funny things are there to say about smiling eyes or “smeyes”? You do you I guess?

FuTuRe BLaWgz tO fOLLoW~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


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