How To Dress Your Boyfriend Flamboyantly Gay This Valentine’s Day

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thank you for serving, ben

Ahh, yes, the art of completely taking over everything your boyfriend wears without his permission or even general awareness. It takes skill. It takes tact. It takes unnecessary luxury designer statement pieces.

Don’t worry, I’m here. I live to serve you.

Here are the necessary steps to ensuring no straight female lays a single eyeball on your man this v-day.

1. Take his closet through a color run


Yes, a color run, you heard me, yes. We need color, people, we need rainbows, we need neon, for God’s sake. Throw in paisley. I need your boyfriend to be drenched in 50 shades of purple paisley. I need soft rainbow pastels, like a spring Ralph Lauren ad, only on steroids, with a little bit of Lady Gaga monster vibes. Why is that hard. I’m not asking a lot.

2. Throw in a lot of designer items, and by items I mean a murse

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 5.51.35 PM

And by murse, I mean a full blown Kate Spade structured leather dome bag. For your man. Is this too much, you wonder. I tell you no, because there are only two things a straight man wants in this world: 1. to be told that you bought him a Kate Spade bag FOR HIM, with this credit card, because it reminded you of his eyes, and 2. beer.

Just imagine… you, your hot date, your cross body strap clutch on your shoulder, and his delicate, sweet, baby blue KS tote resting on his forearm, like it was placed there like God himself, while walking out of a restaurant.

Relationship goals. And also no one is hitting on either of you goals.

3. Sign him up on Grindr


he will be confused and want to murder u but then he’ll thank u

This step is crucial and necessary and not overboard. Overanalyzing is our enemy on step 3. Don’t think, just download. Once you’ve survived the process of cracking his passcode, using all your self discipline not to read his texts, download the app, use his gmail to register on Grindr, and get to swiping, can you finally relax and breathe easy, knowing no female is hitting on him this vday, potentially not even you, it’s fine.

4. Buy him this


Your bf probs won’t even notice. It will be very casual, as you place it on his doorstep the next time you leave his apt. It will feel very natural. “Live Laugh Love,” said the taken straight man. Beautiful.

5. Add the LinkedIn skill, “folding/merchandising luxury scarfs”


why aren’t we talking about this movie more?

Millions of his female connections will see this and reconsider their entire lives and everything they thought they knew.

Be safe out there. It’s break up season. BTW, don’t miss some last minute Valentine’s Day sales, below. Gifts for your boyfriend, the girls hitting on him, your friends, your mom, or yourself. You don’t have much time so carry on.

It’s just Valentine’s Day, calm down, you’re fine
Reasons Ben Higgins Is Unlovable 

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2 responses to “How To Dress Your Boyfriend Flamboyantly Gay This Valentine’s Day

  1. ThePed

    If, during this step-by-step, you realize that all 5 steps have already been voluntarily complete by your “bae”, then it’s time to come to reality. Terms to google to ease you through this tough period: beard, friend zone, ice cream by the gallon. #youvebeensinglethewholetime


  2. HAHAHAH… Yes this is v wise… Maybe a follow up “How to know when you’ve been single your whole relationship” is in IFIF’s future.


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