It’s Just Valentine’s Day, Calm Down, You’re Fine

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It's just Valentine's day, calm down, you're fine | It's Fine I'm Fine blog

Valentine’s Day. It’s a joyous, bright pink day. It’s a cold, black pit. It’s a fervent reminder of your love. It’s an aggressive reminder you’re single.

It doesn’t matter if you’re obsessed in love with this holiday or wish it would disappear into a black hole with all of the happy couples–because both parties have one thing in common: YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN. BREATHE IN BREATHE OUT LET’S ALL JUST BE STILL FOR A HOT SEC.

I don’t have strong feelings towards it either way. While I expect myself to be particularly annoying this Valentine’s Day, I’m also annoying every other day of the year, regardless of my Facebook relationship status so.

In the past when I’ve been single, it didn’t faze me, and I did what I wanted to do. When I spent the holiday with a boyfriend, it didn’t faze me, and I did what I wanted to.

Let me define what I mean by “didn’t faze me.”

One Valentine’s Day spent in my vast single days, I actually went to see a cheesy romance movie alone that I had been dying to see, ON VALENTINE’S DAY, because that’s the day it came out in theaters and I did not care about anyone else there.



this movie was so stupid and so amazing and so tragic and yet I loved it but I don’t remember any of it and I regret nothing

Whether you spend this year’s V-Day celebrating or cele-hating, I’ve scoured the ends of the earth to bring my favorite dresses for all personalities.

My fave v-day dresses

IFIF Favorite VDay Dresses

1. PLAYFUL: Lulu*s yellow halter bow dress – $64

The playful dress is from Lulu*s, and I’m just going to say it now that this store might as well be called GoTo*s because it’s literally the first place I look whenever I need a new outfit and don’t want to drive myself to the North Park mall. I kind of love that it’s not black, pink, or red. And the second I saw the bow on the back I died. It’s kewt and playful

2. ROMANTIC: Top Shop red structured lace skater dress – $190 now on sale for $100!

The romantic red dress is exactly what I would want to wear going to an event where I know there will be pictures (or just a date where there will be selfies).

3. FLIRTY: ZAFUL black/white color block off the shoulder dress$19.20 on sale for $12.49

I’m into the b/w flirty dress because anything off-the-shoulder is on my Need It List. Also, IT’S LIKE TWELVE DOLLARS SO I’M BUYING THREE, LIKE WAT SO CHEAP???

4. CLASSIC: C/MEO COLLECTIVE ivory night rider cape dress – $180 rental now $45 rental

The white cape dress is basically just how I wanted to be remembered in life. It’s Augusta-Goes-Kate-Middleton-Goes-On-A-Valentine’s-Date look.

5. ANTI-VALENTINES: ZAFUL black lace collar maxi dress$32.73 on sale for $16.99

The anti-valentine’s dress is like my guilty pleasure. My first thought about it is like where does anyone where this tho honestly but like I would wear it everywhere that wasn’t work-related is that answer. V sexy single gal v-day dress.

6. DARING (not shown: see runway video here): SheIn black hi-low dress$36.05 on sale for $21.99!

I didn’t include this dress in the photo, because I couldn’t do it justice. you just need to go watch that runway video clip of it and trust me. I think this dress would be so cute with really loud black or red shoes and red lipstick. Someone wear that and report back.

To top it off, I have to include this to-die-for faux mink caplet from Top Shop. It’s on sale for $30 DOWN FROM $115 and I’m secretly 87 and love fur so I’m buying 4.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 2.04.55 PM

And i’m going to leave you with this gif just 4 good measure because im giggling what even



Red Hot Valentine’s Day looks from Rent the Runway


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