Must-Read Blog: Once You Go Mack


Pls use caution when tweeting Mack.

I do not recommend blogs lightly. I barely recommend blogs at all. If you’ve read this blog, ever, you know that basically the only blog I promote is from a near and dear, and that’s PMS, and that’s because it’s funny — and there aren’t that many funny blogs out in the world.

Everything is a fashion blog. Or beauty blog. Or travel blog. Photography. And ain’t nothin’ wrong with a niche, but the problem is, there is no “humor” category in Bloglovin’ or any other blog community that I’ve seen. The problem is, our category of content is most relevant to the ever-broad “lifestyle.”

I tried to convey this sentiment in a recent post, Am I Even A Blogger? and then really drove it into the ground again with Blogging Tips.

All of this to say that when I find a funny blog, I’m its biggest cheerleader, brand ambassador, tweeter, promoter, ETCETC-ER. I’m all about it. I want all of my extra-funny friends to be viral (but not the only semi-funny ones lol don’t get crazy).

Friends, Romans, Country Men, Blog Readers, I bring you Once You Go Mack

It’s a new blog, so there are no bells and whistles, and none of us are HTML experts, so calm tf down, but the content is there. And content is all that matters (well that and endless, aggressive, obnoxious promotion, but anyways).

His About page describes it as, “Straight guy, gay blog,” so frankly, Mack is all of us.

I would also like to bring your undivided attn to his latest post, Mack and the five wives, which is not in title case, but I’ll forgive him. This post is about his friendship with me and four other girls, and his observations of us are so uncannily accurate, it physically pains me.


“They have no shame or embarrassment and will ask the tough questions. The shit that comes out of their mouth should honestly never be said 99% of the time.”

Excerpt Of What Mack Wrote About Me But I’m Not A Narcissist:

“I never want her to stop talking. She fascinates me.”

Excerpt Of What Mack Described His Friendship With The Wives As A Whole:

But you can never ignore them or tune them out. They literally tear down the town each time they go out. I can only attend once a quarter bc that’s all my doctor allows.”

Another Gem:

It’s ongoing exhaustion to be around that many women at once. I’ve actually synced up with them so the 22nd is especially difficult for all 6 of us.”

Okay, now go read it. And subscribe. That’s all.


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