F.A.Q.: Blogging Tips


Tips For Novice Bloggers Or Aspiring Cats

As a blogger, I’m asked questions all the time. Well, I’m a girl, with a blog, who gets asked questions. Most questions come from my mom. However, I do get questions from other people, too. So, like, it’s hard being a blogger.

Here are some of the frequently asked ones.

What keeps you motivated to blog?

Where do i learn more about formatting and coding for my site?

How do you promote your brand?

How do i stop spilling my life each post?

How do you pretend to work while blogging at work?

How do i accept that nobody actually reads my blog?

How do you keep track of the friends/relationships lost over your blog?

How do i stop embarrassing myself?

When does the crying stop?

Read my answers over at JustPMSing.com, here



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