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“Chokers are WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF” -Lizzie McGquire

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I had to stick up for choker necklaces two times last weekend. Please feel sorry for me. This is because I A) wore one out and B) WENT TO MICHAEL’S AND DIY’D SAID CHOKER BEFORE GOING OUT AND C) Snapchatted the whole ordeal to death and so naturally everyone saw and asked about it and by everyone I mean 2 people.

This blog is my defense for chokers. They’re back and they’re real and this is America and it’s happening.

Chokers are chic and I’ll die proving it. Here’s why:

1. Gigi Hadid is sporting a choker, which means GIRLS WANT TO WEAR IT AND GUYS WANT TO BE IT. Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, Behati Prinsloo, and more models/other mysteriously famous people are also wearing ribbons around their necks. WHAT MORE PROOF DO YOU NEED, AMERICA?


but why doesn’t she have a lob, now i’m stressed out

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2. You can buy chokers from various accepted-by-fashion-bloggers-so-it’s-chic retailers like Lulu*s, Urban Outfitters, Top Shop, and, drumroll, NEIMAN ACTUAL MARCUS, OUR FASHION SAVIOR. I.E.: NOT A GARAGE SALE WITH UNWANTED ITEMS FROM THE 90s, like your preconceived notion of chokers.


Neiman’s Sueño Toro Choker Necklace by Pamela Love. IT’S ONLY $645 WHAT’S THE PROBLEM

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3. They were spotted on Spring 2016 runways by our dear friend Christian Dior.


That charm says 1947, which was when Dior debuted his first collection, Corolle, which introduced the “new look.” THE MORE YOU KNOW.

Image source: Yannis Vlamos / via

Check back again soon for another choker necklaces blog — my favorites from Lulu*s


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