I Enlisted A Data Analyst To Identify Whether I Like Reputation Or Lover More


Also included: 7 reasons why I love Tay.

Context: I did this data analysis way back when it was actually relevant to the world, when Lover came out last August. But that was also when I was in first trimester, AKA dying, and was nowhere near finding the energy to blog.

Now our friend Tay just came out with a documentary, so this post can be somewhat relevant again, and I can make this about me now, thank God.

So it’s time to answer the age old question: Do I like Rep or Lover more? 

I. Truly. Love. Reputation. It’s such a passionate, soulful (I think I’m allowed to describe it as soulful?) album. There is a song for almost every mood. It gives you confidence, it just puts you on a high. I really love every song except “So It Goes” sorry Cayla Jordan.

I said to myself, I said there will never be a better tay album, I don’t know how she could top this. 

But then Lover came out. 

At first listen, I was like, okay, this is good, it’s no Rep doe. Rep hits you in the face at first listen. In a good way though. It’s a powerful experience. Lover is like accidentally falling in love with your friend.

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 7.53.50 PM

all i do is think about taylor swift?

You can see the inner turmoil and confusion I felt. I didn’t know myself anymore. Who am I, really. What year is it, really. All normal feelings to feel when listening to the latest mainstream pop albums.

So I did what any normal person, with a normal amount of free time would do: I listened to both albums, gave each song a score then tried to figure out a ranking system so I could have concrete quantifiable data, and not just qualifying “I feel likes”.

You know. We’ve all been there.

Then I brought in the big guns: a data analyst. AKA a person whose actual full time job is doing compiling and analyzing tons of data for fortune 50 companies. AKA my coworker who I can easily harass to do things.


the data analyst was necessary!

But the best part was he actually took this task very seriously (AFTER WORK HOURS OF COURZE!) and did a lot with the sad data I gave him.

Here are the results of my Rep v. Lover Analysis


Percent system


Point system

The Results: I think I like Reputation more??????

Ok it’s hard.

Reputation wins the point system, but I actually “like” and “love” more songs on Lover than I do on Reputation. Is anyone following. Is anyone reading.

So actually the quantifiable data is just as unhelpful as the qualifiable feelings!!!!!!???????

But you can’t just ignore those MEGA LOVES, of which, I mega love 13% of the Rep album and 0% of the Lover album.



Next topic.

Every now and then, someone will look me dead in the face and say, “Why do you like Taylor Swift?” It catches me off guard. I think they’re kidding. I laugh. Hahah this person must be kidding, obviously it’s obviously why we all obviously love Tay and call her Tay hahaahahahah. 

Then I realize they’re being serious.

I want to write out a somewhat thoughtful response to this question because actually this is serious. We are being serious now. This is not a game. We are talking about Tay.

7 Reasons I Love Taylor Swift

So please have respeck.

  1. We grew up together. Her music reflected my life in every life stage. High school break ups, finding yourself, college break ups, finding yourself, growing up and changing your hair, finding yourself.
  2. For being such a powerful celebrity, she is so normal? From her style to what I can tell of her personal life, she just seems so…. normal. She never wears wigs or extensions? She doesn’t have a ton of plastic surgery? (although my friends are convinced she did her butt. im not convinced). If she wasn’t famous, I would see her in Target, and think she was another girl working in social media marketing. Ya know. Is anyone following.
  3. She is v cryptic! I am a big fan of the easter eggs and master manipulation and genius marketing she puts us all through.
  4. She writes her own songs. As my brother-in-law has said to me, “I could write her songs too! Look here’s one: I woke up today, I’m feeling okay, going to sing the pain away!” SIGH…. like yes, not all her songs are deep poetic justice (but I don’t know about you I’m feeling twenty-two!) but that’s okay, because that also applies to many great songwriters. I highly recommend my BIL and other naysayers to dive into “All Too Well,” “Cruel Summer,” “Death by A Thousand Cuts,” “Last Kiss,” “Long Live” I COULD GO ON.
  5. She stands up for herself in music business legality stuff etc. I’m not here to go into details, Google it. I’m just proud of her, okay. Like good for her.
  6. She sued someone for a dollar. And won. And then was in a tub filled with diamonds and one dollar in the LWYMMD music video. It doesn’t get better than that?????
  7. The girl gang thing. Unpopular opinion: I don’t hate the girl gang. It’s like, oh, we all support women supporting women, but when there is an actual group of good gal pals supporting each other, all the sudden it’s a “clique” and now we can only support women who support other women but don’t make it known they they support each other, that makes sense, i see, i understand society now.

And to round out a well-balanced article:

Here Is a List Of Things I Don’t Love About Tay

Because The Morning Toast taught me that true stans don’t blindly support everything, they have critical opinions. So honestly…

  1. The drama with other celebs is hard. I can’t even keep up and I honestly don’t.
  2. I just want her and Kanye West / Kardashians to get along so bad. So bad.

I’m sorry you thought this post was about about the documentary!!!!! Not my fault get over it!!!!!!

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