Watch Out World And Blake Shelton, I’m Platinum Now


yes, this is my head

The lob saga continues. Srsly should I just start a new blog called “The Lob Diaries” or “Lob And The City” or “Can’t Stop Stop Won’t Stop Getting My Hair Done”?????

There was once a time in my life, for 24 years, when I was extremely low maintenance in the hair department. My shampoo was Walgreens (except for the Aveda Christmas presents) and my appointments were the occasional highlights and ANNUAL hair cuts. Actual annual. I used to even box color my hair in college (i don’t ever recommend this).

And here we are. I recently bought Kerastase shampoo and conditioner, Olaplex #3, and a Joico K-Pak deep conditioning hair mask. I didn’t know that half of those words even existed a mere month ago.

I’m a whole new person. Does this mean I’m a woman now? Does this mean I’m an adult? I’m spending actual hard earned social media marketing dollars on my hair, someone congratulate me. This is a college degree in action.

What it’s like going platinum

In short: very long. The appointment began about 5:15p and I was there until 9:30~. So like BUCKLE UP, BC THIS AIN’T YO GRANDMA’S HAIR APPT. sorry. See also: VERY FUN AND WORTH IT if you have a great stylist.

I found my stylist, Scott Prince, through a friend who also went platinum. AND I RECOMMEND HIM IN BOLD LETTERS. 


So here we have my hair freshly straightened and prepped for color. My colorist pre-Scott, Scott B.C., probably meant well, but did a full base color and added partial high lights 6 weeks later (read: made it a hot mess). This pre-stylist was from a pretty well established salon in Dallas so I think it was just a fluke? Idk. Not here to bash just here to talk about my hair (and apparently nothing else).

“Oh, I could teach a masters class about fixing this hair color.” -Scott, upon seeing my previous highlight job. #itsfineimfine


He went through my whole head doing a technique called hair painting. This took a bit, and then had to set about an hour. Scott and I watched Real Housewives of Dallas, and he let me choose the music the rest of the time. We also randomly discovered we’re from the same small hometown in New Mexico (??!!?!?!?) so the gossip ensued. PS, it’s Carlsbad.


After the hair painting, he washed it out and said, “Don’t panic, this is not the end result,” because even after a wash, you could tell it was on the yellow side. We awkward laughed together. He added the special toner, washed that out, and it was like I had a different head of hair. It made a 180 degree difference. That toner tho.

And then he did some technique, and I’m probably going to butcher this phrase, but I think it’s called “root painting” to create the balayage effect. God bless the troops.


And of course we had to take some “oh-shit-it’s-thursday-night-but-i-need-to-go-to-the-clubs-now” hair selfie.

Scott stood on the curb outside the salon and made sure I got to my car safe — seriously great service, amazing talent, and this is not an #ad, this is not Becca Tailey’s Instagram. If you want to go platinum with Scott Prince, choose virgin bleach application when you book online.


FOX Golden Globes Awards Party 2016 Sponsored By American Airlines

no but rly tell me im jennifer lawrence


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