Gifts For New Moms and Babies

Three people recently asked me what they should get for their sister/friend who just got pregnant/had a baby. Apparently that’s all it takes to get me to write a blog post about it.

Before I get going, you must know that ALL ONE REALLY NEEDS is diapers and wipes. Truly. That’s it. Maybe some beanies and warm clothes if born in winter. But don’t get caught up in the must-haves and lists. A mom of four gifted me size 2 diapers, wipes, and something cute/small from my registry. So practical. So wise. You need size 2 faster than you think.


Your friend is pregnant. Here is what she really wants: empathy and validation. Or cash! But these gifts are great too.

  1. Barefoot Dreams robe. This changed my life.
  2. Hatch products are fun
  3. I don’t want to talk about it, but for YEARS I thought this candle said “BABIES.” Therefore it’s cute nursery decor.
  4. Dainty necklace with baby’s inital. Awwww!
  5. There are so many baby books out there. I literally read four (lol!). My absolute favorite that had me thriving was MOMS ON CALL. Definitely recommend throwing this in with a fun, “You’re pregnant!!!!” gift. I also loved Bringing Up Bebe but not everyone is me.


Your friend just had a baby. I interviewed the baby for this blog post and here are things the baby would like.

  1. Kyte Baby sleep sack. This brand was based in Dallas. There is a Facebook group. It’s kind of a cult. These sleep sacks are always the first thing I recommend. Don’t know how we would do nighttimes without these.
  2. Kickee Pants footie pajamas. People will scoff at how much these are, and I get that, but there is a reason. The stretchy material is so soft and seems to grow with your baby. You will seriously get so much wear out of them. You will probably get double the wear out of a KP footie than Carter’s footie, simply because of the stretchy material. Don’t get me wrong–love me some Carter’s!
  3. Honest diapers and skincare products for babies. It’s so fun to throw in a set of cutesy diapers with whatever your main gift is.
  4. Ollie swaddles. I never had one, but my friends wouldn’t shut up about them.
  5. I am personally obsessed with this Monique Lhuillier butterfly crib sheet for bb guls.
  6. Slumberpod. If mom, dad, and new baby are doing any traveling in the first year, this is so nice to have to help baby sleep literally anywhere.
  7. Anything and everything from Cecil and Lou
  8. The largest size of Water Wipes you can find on Amazon
  9. Hooded towel with name. I don’t want to say this is a must-have, but this is a must-have.
  10. Dockatot. I gotta say, I haven’t used this in months (Ruby is 9 months old) but it was ESSENTIAL in those early months.
  11. Lilly Pulitzer. All things.


No one needs these things, but they’re cute, fun, and celebratory. Basically anything monogrammed!

  1. Sterling silver mug with monogram and birth info.
  2. Name blocks stool.
  3. First Christmas ornament with monogram and birth info.
  4. Pottery Barn toddler anywhere chair w/ monogram.
  5. Quilt with name on it.
  6. Personalized bedtime book to include baby’s name.
  7. Bottle name bands. Day care babies know what’s up.
  8. Customized monogram Lovey or Slumberkins.
  9. Monogram bib from Etsy. A million options.

These links don’t include affiliates so pls Venmo me $1 if you buy something from my recommendations THANKS.


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