Don’t @ Me Series: Addressing My Friends’ Tweets

Here are the latest things my friends have said about me on everyone’s favorite and extremely public social channel, Twitter.

I’m on Twitter, but I’m like ~on~ it if ya know what I mean. My style is to use Twitter like I can shout anything I want on top of a mountain, then go back into my tent without acknowledging anyone else. With that, I often miss things my friends tweet.

Which is a shame, because I’m oft the inspiration and star of their digital thoughts.

Let’s dive in and allow me to address and fact check said tweets.

We often talk about how different our style is. I fact checked with my memory and we both agreed I did not make her stand up, but I did ask her to explain her outfit to me, just because I know she gets inspiration from actual trendsetters on the internet and I always learn something about the youths of America from Paige. AKA teen mormon influencers on Tik Tok. Vision!

This is true, I did, she is!

Okay, I forgot what I had ordered, and it came out white AND WAS HUGE, and I thought it was chicken, I was drinking cocktails, okay. Also on this night Cayla explained to us how certain types of cuts should be cooked differently and it’s like okay then why do they ask you how you want the steak cooked. Ordering meat is stressful god.

It’s true, I am the Katy Trail Ice House. We sit outside with my patio furniture spaced 6 feet apart. I measured it. COVID safe , responsible hangs.

And she is welcome!! Every self respecting woman should own aligns.

I kind of don’t get this tweet, but we did eat gluten free cookies and watch TDWP, and I am happy for us.

Unclear but yes very probable!!!!!!

Lane said I should categorize these tweets into “Things Augusta Made Me Do” and “Embarrassing Things I Do.” He also said this post needs a closing so here it is. I wish this blog post was funny, thank you for reading!

This article lists ways to volunteer around Dallas this season. Make the most of your free time in December!


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