Best Things To Do In Dallas 2018


Find parking.

Welcome to the 2nd annual Best Things To Do In Dallas by IFIF. We are so glad you’re here. By we, I mean my team of just me and my different moods. Best Things 2017 brought us joy, and 2018’s list is also guaranteed to bring us joy. Just in time for Memorial Day weekend. Now print this out and start crossing off your list!


Tacos Y Mas.

Taco Bell. Don’t like Mas? Dallas can accommodate that!

7/11. Affordable. Convenient. Gas. A Dallas staple.

Frozen yogurt. Eat at a different FroYo spot for every meal, every day, for 78 weeks. Because in Dallas, you can!!

Bean dip at Gloria’s. Then just leave.

Uber Eats. It made our 2017 list, and it’s back again for 2018, because let’s be honest: you’re too lazy to pack a lunch for work!

Whole Foods samples.

Baby & Wedding Showers.

Whole30 book. Literally, just eat the book. The plan is too hard.

Twin Peaks. Brains aaaaaaaand beauty! Oh wait that’s the SMU slogan.



Soul Cycle. Drunk on endorphins!

Taste of Addison festival. Why buy reasonably priced drinks in an air conditioned location when you can spend an ungodly amount of money to wait in 45 minute lines for wine-based margaritas? Riddle me that! See you there!

Whole Foods. There’s an alcohol bar behind the olives bar just in case you need to black out after buying La Croix and Halo Top and salad for $800 before driving home! Dallas has more Whole Foods Grocery stores than Urgent Care hospitals! I wouldn’t have it any other way tho! Like literally just take me to the nearest Whole Foods instead of the hospital if I have a heart attack.

Industry Networking Happy Hours. As long as no one knows you’re actually dead behind those eyes, it’s considered networking! Dallas 2018!

Bachelorette Parties. They’re like traveling bars, and you can find them everywhere! Just look for the girls in black and the one girl in white! Bonus if you go to one and stay sober the entire time!

Your Workplace.


Soul Cylce. Rent shoes, buy a water bottle!

Lulu Lemon. Walk around, touch everything, look sad, then walk out the door, loudly and dramatically saying, “You just made a BIG mistake. BIG. HUGE.”


Ross. Now actually buy those sheer panel leggings you’ve been wanting!

Facebook Marketplace. Why buy from the best stores Dallas has to offer when you could shop the sketchiest and most questionable homes Dallas has to offer? And bonus: it’s not delivered, you have to go get the item and fit it in your car yourself! That is, AFTER acting as therapist to your seller! DALLAS 2018!

Amazon Prime. I once ordered 16 bottles of dry shampoo when I thought I was ordering just one! I’m never washing my hair again!

Southwest Airlines. There’s everything you could ever crave, all within walking distance!

Zillow. Have you heard of Zillow? It’s this super cute online boutique where you shop houses, add them to cart, and buy! I love 2018, I love Dallas!

Church. Your soul sucks find another one!

Estate sale in Highland Park. Actually, just show up and walk into any house in Highland Park on a Saturday morning!



BEST COMEDY SHOW: Get in fight in strangers in the comments.

BEST SHOW: Taylor Swift Sing-A-Long at Alamo Drafthouse. None of the teens there know that you and your friends are literally 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEST OVERALL MUSIC, FOOD, ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE: Southwest Airlines. People travel form all over the world to visit!


Soul cycle. 

Email Mark Cuban. He is famous for responding within 10 minutes so don’t miss your chance!!

Dog Parks. If you’re living in Dallas and don’t own a pet, you can go die, and that’s a quote from real-life Dallas pet owners.

Paddle boarding at White Rock Lake. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT TOUCH THE WATER.

Comment on JoJo’s Instagrams. Twice. After margs. But seriously, when is that wedding! I hope its live-streamable! Or just old-fashion crashable! I’m kidding! But really when and where?

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen. Really, think about the charities! If the Housewives are doing it, you should too!

Eat for free at Dallas Soup Kitchen.  Also, best places to eat 2018!

Watch The Office for the 1,105th time in your home. Only after flaking out on plans you had with friends!

Get married. It will be fun! DJ!!

Check who viewd your IG story.

Call waiter daddy. Limited data to prove this strategy is effective, but results have remained steady.

Free Outdoor Yoga Classes. What most people don’t know is you can actually attend a free outdoor yoga class literally any time and any where! Like just start busting out warrior pose in a parking lot! People may join your “class” or they may not, but it’s free yoga, and who are YOU to pass up FREE OUTDOOR YOGA!!??

Take an improv class. Actually those are expensive, just practice your comedic improv during your next client pitch! Get your boss’ feedback afterwards!

Take a fiction writing class. Actually those are expensive, just practice your comedic improv during your next client pitch! Get your boss’ feedback afterwards!

Weigh yourself.

Shave your legs.

Find parking.

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