Happy 30th Birthday, Lane


It’s Lane’s birthday and this one’s for daddy. 

When will it get old saying “daddy”??????? It’s one thing when I’ve had wine but should I really be saying daddy when blogging sober??? where is the line?????


This is THE MOST Lane photo ever. He loves nothing more than those shoes, jeans, or hat.

Lane is 30 today. He is the best person I know and I want to carve out a little piece on itsfineimfine.com just for him. Happy birthday, Lane.

You spend your whole life thinking “I wonder what my future husband is doing right now, when his birthday is, what he looks like, where he’s from….etcetc”. It’s very weird to have answers to these questions. Sometimes I have to remind myself, and physically write down, “I am engaged. Lane is my future husband” because it often feels like it still hasn’t hit me.

Lane is at his apartment right now, probably working. He loves working. His birthday is, of course, October 3rd, 1987 (I’m marrying someone who was born in the 80s, this is so retro chic??????). He has brown hair, a beard, and the biggest blue eyes you have ever seen. He’s from a town outside of Chicago. This man is my future husband. I can answer these questions now and even though we’ve been dating 2.5 years and engaged 5 months, it’s still unbelievable that I finally have answers to questions I once wondered, for over a decade.

I wish everyone could know Lane. He is truly the best person. I know I’m biased, but hear me out. I’m going to list 30 actual reasons why Lane is the best person.

30 Reasons Lane is the Best Person, For His 30th Birthday

  1. Lane is ambitious. He is constantly thinking of the next big thing he wants to do, a new way to improve on his current work, a new thing he wants to learn.
  2. He is the most positive, supportive human I’ve ever met. Sometimes too positive and supportive. Sometimes I feel like Lane is Chris Traeger and I’m pregnant Anne and sometimes I have to say “Lane, just because I said I want to lose 10 pounds the other day doesn’t mean I’m changing my current lifestyle at all,” when he suggests we don’t buy Halo Top.
  3. He is the best son. Lane has the most respect for his parents, even behind their backs, which is incredible to witness, BECAUSE EVEN GREAT PARENTS ARE ANNOYING SOMETIMES, AM I RIGHT, ANYONE ELSE, JUST ME? OKAY.
  4. I hope our children are miniature Lanes. In looks and personality. I just want a teeny tiny Lane clone. And yes, this counts as a reason he’s the best.
  5. He is also the best FRIEND. Lane is loyal to the core to his friends. He would drop anything to do anything for them.
  6. Lane isn’t the loud, in your face, super life of the party, type of guy. He is very much in the background, a little more on the observant, listener side. I like this because I am the loud one.
  7. He has an interesting perspective on everything. I can ask him anything about politics, sports, (two things I often ask about because I never pay attention), music, movies, books, literature, podcasts, TV shows, he is human encyclopedia and has 4 years of life on me so he just has an opinion on everything.
  8. He understands me so well. This is obviously important in a significant other. But I just feel like I never have to defend or explain myself with Lane. I can say anything I’ve done and he just understands my motives, feelings, or logic behind it.
  9. Lane is a morning person. I am not. He undergoes about a 25 minute ritual to get me to wake up in the morning and he never appears to get tired of this. It involves eventually just shaking me awake, but I’ll spare you details.
  10. Lane cooks for us most of the time. He is the best because he does this and never complains.
  11. Lane pushes me without being pushy. I feel like he encourages and inspires me to be better in every area of my life, and does so without ever putting me down or making me feel like I’m slacking.
  12. Lane is always seeking a charity or even just a person to give money to. He loves donating large or small sums of money anonymously and it makes me warm slash fuzzy watching him do this.
  13. He will do anything I ask, even if it’s totally unnecessary or inconvenient for him. He once rescheduled a fantasy football draft just to attend an event for one of my friend’s boyfriends. He did not have to do that (LANE TAKES THE FANTASY SPORTS V SERIOUSLY OKAY) but he did because he is the best.
  14. Lane is the best brother. Lane’s mom has told me that Lane was never the kind of big brother that beat up or picked on the younger sib growing up. And even today, I can tell Lane takes a lot of pride in being The Older Sibling.
  15. Lane eats the exact same way I do. Health-freak most of the time, with the weekend splurges (and okay, sometimes weekday splurges).
  16. He is a machine. Like runs 5-8 miles every day, and adds a 2nd “strength” work out most days. He is running his first marathon this December. He is not even training for it. Like wut.
  17. He is the best boss. He is building a team and it’s just so apparent how much people love working with and for him.
  18. Lane once wrote a novel!!!!! I love this about him. He literally wrote like a 300 page fiction novel once.
  19. He used to write poetry. He still does sometimes, but usually only for special occasions, and usually for his mom on Mother’s Day! SO SWEET!!!
  20. He majored in English. He says he basically never studied or read books but he can also like quote F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway and Shakespeare so I don’t believe him. He is secretly very nerdy and I love it.
  21. He originally wanted to be a teacher. It’s so unexpected. He ended up in marketing like the rest of us tho, but still how sweet.
  22. He once wanted to be a freelance or novelist writer. This should be obvious. But he used to write (and won awards!) for Fantasy sports publications in college.
  23. He knows everything about Led Zepplin. And just a ton of classic rock band facts in general.
  24. He once bought a keyboard and wanted to teach himself to play the piano. Actually, before we both started dating, we both wanted to learn other instruments (me, guitar). But then met each other and never learned to play them lol.
  25. He always tells me I can quit my job and pursue my dreams if I want. I mostly just love being told I don’t have to work lol. 
  26. He frowns on boyfriends who rely on material gifts like Louis Vuitton (but like I do not discriminate this gift option) or fancy jewelry or clothes. Almost every gift I’ve received is custom and personal/meaningful.
  27. Lane has mad discipline. He lost 30 pounds a couple years ago and has kept it off. He quit smoking completely after the Blackhawks won the championship in 2015 and he made it look so easy. 
  28. Lane always smiles when I stick my iPhone in his face for Snapchat or Instagram. This has to be so annoying, but he always smiles. 
  29. He is never embarrassed by me. Or at least doesn’t show it. VERY RARE AND SPECIAL IF YOU KNOW ME AT ALL.


Thank you for reading!! Although I’m pretty sure ONLY LANE made it this far in the post 😉 hehe. i will never write a blog this long again, u only turn 30 once, lane.



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4 responses to “Happy 30th Birthday, Lane

  1. Robin

    Beautiful spirit indeed. You and he are very blessed to have found each other. Love you both!


  2. Lisa

    If you’re born in the super early 90s it’s not bad to marry someone born in the late 80s…


  3. Hahhaaha I was being facetious, I completely agree 🙂


  4. Aw that is really kind – Thank you Robin!!!! ❤


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