I Asked My Bridesmaids For Opinions On Wedding Day Pajamas And This Is What Happened


everyone’s wedding

No one should ever think of their friends wearing pajamas as much as I’ve thought of my friends wearing pajamas.

Being a bride is so hard, y’all. Nobody prepares you for the torture that awaits you.

Like spending hours thinking about what clothes your bridesmaids will wear the day of the wedding to get ready in, take photos in, and that is literally it. I have spent hours thinking about it and have had nightmares about it, and it is literally a thing that lasts for a few mere hours, makes a few mere photos (THAT WILL NEVER BE FRAMED, MIND YOU), and this is where I’m at.

Pajamas. Literal pajamas.

Picking-out-pajamas-for-friends-on-wedding-day thoughts:

Ok so the silky/floral robes are pretty standard and basic but who cares they’re pretty it’s fine. I should buy robes. Ok if I’m buying robes, I need to buy them a romper to wear under the robe. It will be weird if they are naked under a robe. But some girls would totally hate being forced to wear a romper. Actually it’s really cold in January, maybe I should get them something warmer, like a long sleeve tee and pants set. Or long sleeve tee and shorts set. Yes, I’ll do that. And I’ll wear a white version. Oh it’s winter, maybe a holiday red plaid would be chic. And I’ll wear a white version. Maybe like a velour suit, kind of like Khloe and Lamar’s wedding, except a chicer 2017 version. I’ll probably regret that. Maybe I should stick to robes. What if I did floor-length robes. Amazon has floor-length robes. I’ll probably regret buying robes from Amazon. Oh my god robes and pajamas are literally $70+ from multiple retailers oh my god ok we’re fine, I can spend $700 on robes, this is literally not a waste of money, I am literally a Rockefeller alright. 

My re-occurring nightmare:

It’s my wedding day. I’m running late. It’s almost time to walk down the aisle and EVERYONE is ready with their hair and make up except I haven’t started mine. I realize my friends don’t have their robes, so I drive home to go get them, then realize I don’t have mine. Then my dress has tears in it.

Pajamas I picked out recently and my friends’ reactions:

Option 1: This chic J. Crew oversized shirt, comes in blue and white


Cayla Lynn: that night shirt looks like something they made the patients wear on american horror story: asylum. with all due respect i mean

Me: OMG It’s J. Crew!!?!?!

Cayla Lynn: it can be J Crew and ugly

Paige Meredith: keeping my mouth sjut
Katie Ellen: Maybe too gay. Also like Sorority pledgy. Make me sit on a dryer. Circle my fat
Cayla Lynn: if we get the night shirt i want a night cap also
Option 2: Winter themed plaid pajamas

Paige Meredith: idk what ur trying to have us portray with the pajamas
that we are mennonites?

Cayla Lynn: honestly i think its something that someone skinny would look cute in

 me- not so much

Katie Ellen: Lady Gaga five ft two
Bc I have strong thots and emotions watching documentary

Option 3: Lace shirt and shorts set

option 3

Cayla Lynn: sorry im stilling picturing myself in a night cap
Paige Meredith: sry watching demi’s doc rn
Katie Ellen: Gagas doc
Paige Meredith: basically when demi came back from rehab and went on the media tour that she was clean she was really high the whole time
Katie Ellen: Gaga is currently addicted to drugs self diagnosing her
Lady Gaga is the American Lady di
Don’t @ me
Me picking out pajamas and planning the wedding as a whole:
90 days until Jan. 20. Happy wedding planning, fam.
“What stresses you out more, the robes or the fact that your new name will have seven syllables.” -Katie Ellen

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