In Memory Of My First Rebecca Minkoff Bag


Some people identify themselves as “dog moms,” as you may have noticed on every Instagram bio ever. If I’m going to be a childless mom to an object, then that answer is very easy. Hello I’m a purse mom.


Last weekend I was late to my own birthday party. Which is the most me thing ever. Even more me than soliciting my designer friend to create a birthday PNG and submitting it as a Snapchat geo-filter for the party.

Why was I late other than the fact than I’m late to every non-work related plan? Because I was at the God’s good North Park mall, doing the Lord’s work, and shopping for my new im-an-adult-it’s-my-birthday purse to add to my i’m-an-adult-i-have-a-purse-collection.


i’m an adult purse mom

But not just any purse. A purse that I will carry for ideally the next five years. My new daily purse. The purse that will be appropriate in the workplace, Deep Ellum, Uptown, and Winslows on Cedar. The meet the parents purse, but also the hungover purse. Ya know. Like this purse is going to go through life with me and I will refer to it as its God given name.

So, meet Rebecca. 

The trendy readers may know her as Rebecca Minkoff. I was given my first Rebecca by my mom for my 21st birthday. It was my first really nice purse that wasn’t a hand-me-down from my older sister (NOTHING AGAINST HAND ME DOWNS, LOVE EM) but it was brand new and all mine and very magical when you’re a materialistic 21 yr old white girl.



Rebecca was great. She’s been through a lot with me. From 21 to 25. And now, after a full five years of DoInG LiFe together, the boning of the purse has finally broken through the fabric. It’s sad. Gone but not forgotten. Forever in our hearts. Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.

But it was her time. And as of last Saturday, after a gruesome 1.5 hour shopping trip, it was final.

Meet new Rebecca.


The Regan Satchel was not my first choice when I went purse shopping in Nordy’s. I had originally wanted a very classic Kate Spade bag. I don’t own a Kate, so I was pretty much set on a black classic Kate. I text-consulted friends, something I don’t typically do when shopping, and received feedback that Kate is becoming the new Michael (Kors) AKA the new basic.


when did we all wake up and decide kate spade bags were boring? help. help. help.

I consulted the salesman, something I always do, and he confirmed in his salesy, so many words way. He was the one who actually introduced me to new Rebecca. He recommended the black one, which would have been smarter, but I’m a sucker for inconvenience apparently, and I wanted the color that would get the dirtiest the fastest.


on the left, the Kate I wanted to buy, the black Regan bag the salesman wanted me to buy, and on the right, the one I bought, NEW REBECCA. And the man-rack, not for sale.

I put the 3 bags on hold while I frantically paced around Nordstrom’s trying to make up my mind. So it’s my birthday party I’ll run late if I want to.

And now I’m off to live out a new life with a new Rebecca. A whole new world. Oh the places we’ll go.

But before I embark on a new journey with a new Rebecca, please indulge in my slideshow, Through The Years With Rebecca #1, which shows pictures of us enjoying the best of times together 2011 – 2016.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


in loving memory.


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