omg cancel everything quit your job break up with your boyfriend change your name move cities because Beyoncé’s active-wear line is finally here.


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Finally, I have something to wear to her Formation tour, where I’m going by myself, and sitting alone on the floor seats, I don’t have a problem, that is completely normal.

I won’t explain to you the glory that is this active-wear line. You can do that yourself by visiting TopShop. But, If I can be the annoying marketer that I am, I will say that this storytelling makes this collection. Pretty pictures, videos, models, all of that is just basic and insignificant without Beyoncé’s raw, barely-speaking voice, telling the story of herself as a little girl, in Ivy Park. And the final message, that we all have an Ivy Park in our lives~~~~

The Ivy Park page on TopShop is also just a cool user experience. HASHTAG UX. You don’t immediately get to shop. It kind of forces you to learn the story behind the brand before getting to consume the products, yet somehow in a way that’s not annoying. I actually had to dig a second before I found the “shop all” button. It’s like impossible to shop without getting a sense of the story.

And after the videos, descriptions, and call to action shopping buttons, is the blog post expanding even more on the line. It’s the perfect storm for Beyoncé fans. It’s scary.


“There are things I’m still afraid of. When I have to concur those things, I go back to that park.” -Beyoncé

There is a body of water in Carlsbad (the city in New Mexico where I am from), and it’s called the Pecos River, but the area where everyone would hang out was known as “The Beach,” by most people. Which is so sad and pathetic, because it’s not beachy at all. It’s like 100sq feet of sand. But there is a running trail and I would run there growing up, my family would always have “5Ks” (I.E., not real 5Ks) on the mornings of 4th of July, also where the entire town gathers to watch fireworks on the 4th, and friends and I would hang out there at night because nothing else to do in that town.


honest to god, no filter.

This is an area of “the beach” on one of my jogs there. I believe this is from Christmas break 2014 and I actually was praying before this pic. It was a whole moment. I have so many memories of clearing my head just running and thinking at this park / beach place.

WOW THIS IS A V DEEP BLOG back to beyoncé.

I was surprised at how affordable this brand was tbh. I had mentally prepared myself that I wasn’t going to be able to afford anything here, and to not get too excited, so it wasn’t until I saw items under $50 that my blood pressure went up and all of the sudden there were like 5 items in my shopping cart.

Also. I usually hate brands that plaster the logo/brand name every possible surface of the product, but obviously I wish this collection had “IVY PARK” obnoxiously sewn in/stamped in more places. Need more. More branding please.

Here’s what I bought:



So there you have it. The IVY PARK white tank top I wanted was out in my size. I almost bought a bodysuit just getting wrapped up in the moment. I’m alive to tell the story.

In other news Taylor Swift dyed her hair platinum so I’m just having an emotional day.
Topshop  US


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