I have a personal social media strategy


it’s true i know i’m sorry.

Yes, I have a social media strategy. For myself. I wish I didn’t, but I do. Here it is.


Instagram is my 3rd favorite social media channel, bless it. Where would we all be without the 15 second sped up make up video tutorials. Or Kayla Itsines for that matter. Instagram is always something I’ve ~*~StRuGgLeD~*~ with because I’m forced to squeeze my multi-personality self into one feed. I want to post the chic coffee and a book photo on Sunday afternoon, then a fun with friends pic next Friday, then chic mimosa brunch the next morning, then my nephew’s face, and then the flowers in front of the Starbucks by my apt.

But the problem here is that all these different things look better in different filters. And different sizes. They don’t all look great together as one. So how do I choose one side of me to post. Pls feel sorry for me.


tom ford is my dad and nothing else matters. i love this instagram because while i usually love the all-white minimalism, this turned me into a dim-lit text-loving soul. are you worried about how much i think about instagram strategy yet? SO COHESIVE  IN LOOK AND FEEL IT HURTS ME


the mostly-white instagrams. so chic. (this is less creepy bc i kind of know this person fine it's still creepy bye)

the mostly-white instagrams. so chic. (this is less creepy bc i kind of know this person fine it’s still creepy bye)

And have you ever tried to instagram for more than one account? It’s actually miserable. It’s an actual millenial’s worst nightmare. Don’t ever do it. Under any circumstance. (you have to log in and out. and back in.) ONLY HAVE ONE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT.

anyways. So recently I decided I was only going to post in the “Reyes” filter, which drains the life and color out of photos, because I’m depressing and want everyone to cry when they see my pics.

pls dont follow me i'm so tragic

pls dont follow me i’m so tragic

Honest to God, since I’ve started by CoHeSiVe LoOk -N- FeELs strategy, my likes have gone down like eight thousand percent, it’s actually amazing. It’s actually funny. This is me laughing. It’s my favorite self case study. I’ll one day go back to posting random, different-filtered photos with un-chic things, but for now, everyonejustdealwithmychicinstagramsok. #THATPOMEGRANATEPICTHO

One last thing: I don’t share Instagrams to Facebook. Because why would I do that. I have the same followers on FB as I do on Instagram. Seeing a photo in once place is enough. Almost no one is going to like the same photo in 2 different places. That’s aggressive.

One other last thing: My instagrams share as native photos in Twitter because I’m an digitally OCD and I’m a magician.


Enter: my favorite way to communicate with fellow millenials. I hated snapchat when it first came out, like idc abt ur laying out tanning selfies or dog photos, stop snapping me. But then they came out with the “story” feature I forget when and am too lazy to Google it and it was a game changer and here I am blogging about it is anyone still reading.

Last night my boyfriend said, “You don’t send me all of your snaps” (referring to my story). My response was that if I sent him every single snap that I also put on my story, what’s to drive you to view my story. RIDDLE ME THAT, TWENTY-SOMETHINGS. So, my scientific analysis of Snapchat is don’t blast everyone with the snap that’s going on your story. tell me i’m smart.

To the babybooms out there in the world, I promise not everyone on this app is using it inappropriately. Especially since it’s now a way to consume news #asifitcouldntbemoreaddicting

i miss the rainbow throw up. you know what i’m talking about.


If you thought my Instagram was tragic, just wait.

i'm sorry.

i’m sorry.

I know this is the most confusing thing you’ve ever seen in  your life. So what we have here is my “professional” Twitter, tweeting about tweets, my casuals sassy Twitter retweeting that tweet, and Lane tweeting both of myselfs and asking if he’s tweeting us twice, to which my casual sassy Twitter wittingly responded, “UGH YES.”

In other words, I have two Twitter accounts. And I strongly recommend it for anyone else if you’re like the following:

  1. You are prolific on social media (if you’re not then you obvi only need a work twitter bye thanks for reading)
  2. You work in marketing/social/advertising
  3. You don’t want to promote work campaigns, blogs, events, to your friends bc they hate that
  4. You don’t want #TheBachelor tweets getting mixed with #MyWorkLife tweets bc that’s awk

and idc about facebook, only Mark Zuckerberg’s reactions to cultural things.



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