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The “Goes To Italy Once” Series Part IV: Last Days Of The Trip And Still Haven’t Been Discovered For Modeling

facelogo 4_5

Here are the chic photos the international talent scouts missed + Days 7 – 10.  

This is the “Goes to Italy Once” Series, where I tell you how to plan, pack, and dress yourself for your trip to Italy, after going just once!

Here’s what we’ve unpacked so far in the series: Part I was the actual helpful post–all my recos, do’s, don’t’s, tips, and tricks. Part II is a daily breakdown of days 1 – 3 where I go to hell for declining a nun’s offerings and then meet Jesus at the altar of the fatherland. Part III covers days 4 – 5, where I’m reminded no matter how far I travel, being from a small town follows me wherever I go. 

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The “Goes to Italy Once” Series Part I: How We Did Literally Everything

roman holiday

Today I write Italy travel tips, tomorrow I run for Italian presidency. 

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