Life Updates You Didn’t Ask For Vol. 2


Awkward moments in Uptown, headbands, bumpdates, and FACE SHAVING. 


remember when karen on mean girls said, “my nail beds suck!” and everyone scoffed? i cant tell u how much i identify with her on deep levels. i honestly have nail bed envy.


My latest favorite routine is Saturday morning pilates, followed by a Starbucks Grande Pink Drink. This blog might as well be called How To Be Basic dot com, I know, I don’t care. I love my Pilates studio. I do not love their website. I’m in a constant state of booking a class in the wrong location, because their site is so unintuitive about which location you’re booking. (Is this online bullying? help).

Last Saturday, basically right on schedule, I found myself in Uptown instead of Lakewood after class ended. I decided to just lean into the Uptown lifestyle. You know, like pretend I’m 22 again, fresh out of college, living in Uptown, walking around as if I belong there and don’t hate myself.

After grabbing my Pink Drink at the one and only West Vill Starbs, I mapsed the nearest “MiniLuxe” and decided to treat myself to a bougie mani.

I preface this short essay from my memoir with, I HAVE BEEN TO MINILUXE BEFORE. One time in 2017 Lane proposed to me and made me a MiniLuxe appointment before doing so. SO YOU WOULD THINK I KNOW THE DRILL.

No. It’s 2020, I remember nothing.


i read this in college i dont remember it

I arrived at MiniLuxe close to 9am, the world at my fingertips, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

“Hello! Do you have an appointment?”

an appt lol no this is a nail salon who makes appts for manicures lol


“What service would you like to do?”

“Dip manicure.”

“We don’t do dip manicures.”

“I’ll do whatever manicures you do.”

“Let’s see if we can fit you in.”

*racks brain trying to think of what possible types of manicures could be offered at a bougie nail salon? surely not just normal polish????*

“What kind of manicures do you do here?”

“What do you mean?”

oh god why did i ask this

“Like, if you don’t offer dip, do you only have shellac and regular?”

“We have performance polish, regular polish, and shellac.” (maybe she said gel, I don’t remember, ok). “We may be able to fit you in for a performance polish.”

praise god!

Not to bring ethnicity into the conversation, not to be weird, but I couldn’t help but notice all the nail technicians were white and the customers were Asian. Just something to note. When I handed my technician a white polish, she asked why I chose white. oh um because this is dallas and everyone’s nails are white and i’m trying to be a fashion blogger and i just like it idk help me should i go with pink???????????????????

Later she asked me if I was a stay at home mom. I have to assume that’s her normal client. Flattered! But mam i asked for a dip manicure at the front, and somehow that seems like an indication that i’m not. 

But actually I love my mani and want to go back.



I just started The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty, author of Big Little Lies. One of my favorite podcasts, The Morning Toast, just came out with another podcast, The Readheads Book Club, and this is the first on the list.

I haven’t read a juicy fiction in a few months, since I’ve been on a baby book kick, and I love nothing more than reading on my iPad (WITH BLUE BLOCKERS) before bed.

Is anyone else a toaster???? Is anyone else reading this book as part of this book club???????

I’m essited.

A coworker strongly recommended I read 12 hours by 12 weeks. He said it’s worked for both his kids. I’ve already read BabyWise so how many sleep books do I rly need but also I’ll do anything for a sleeping baby so why not??????????????????

I’m still reading and loving A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23. Highly recommend.


apparently MM and elizabeth tay also shaved their faces so we are twins


I really wasn’t going to blog this but here I am. My friends have been bullying for me to shave my face for almost a year. But I’ve been most convinced to do this by super blogger/podcaster, The Skinny Confidential. And I want to be specific in that the saving is only peach fuzz along my jaw bone, cheeks. Phew, wow this blog has reached new TMI levels I guess! What else did you not want to know about my personal life!!??

I just really feel like I’m pregnant with a boy because I basically am growing a beard now, but as you can see, non-pregnant people are shaving their face for exfoliation and overall skincare wellness purposes. Everyone claims the hair does not grow back darker and thicker.

SO STAY TUNED but like so far so good. I don’t hate myself yet.

I use these tinkle razors followed by this rose hip oil.

You can Google the benefits and how to videos, thanks for reading my blog.


i’m still in the process of finishing gossip girl, pls no spoilers guise, pls dont spoil the bible either


One of my best friends wore a fabulous puffy headband to a wedding recently and said that someone actually called her “Gossip Girl.” Ha ha!

People have actually asked me, “Are headbands really in? Or are you like trying to start this trend? Does anyone else wear them?”


blair eadie & lele sadoughi IGs are a gr8 place to start educating urself

While my headband selections may be on the ~bold side~ and some comments may be warranted, I am here to announce, if you haven’t already observed from Instagram or general culture in 2020, that headbands are back.

Here are some Amazon headbands I’vze bought and loved:



Thirty one weeks pregnant, never been kissed. Here are some moderately incoherent bumpdates:

  1. I post lotz of BuMp PiX  and kicking baby pix on IG so I’m sorry to everyone who didn’t sign up for mommy spam but get over it, etc.
  2. I’ve made 4 freezer meals
  3. We own about a thousand white onesies
  4. I have literally no weekend plans until baby’s due
  5. I signed up me and Lane for 5 baby/birth related classes lol
  6. We’re basically done with everything except we MUST buy a carseat. (I also rly want the Owlet and Keekaroo b4 bb so Amazon completion discounts are going to be very appreciated soon).
  7. No I haven’t packed a hospital bag yet
  8. The other night I had 2 dinners, then woke up and had 2 breakfasts so weight gain is going well
  9. Currently in the market for matching toile crib skirt, sheet, and curtains but somehow having a hard time finding this on the internet, pls send recos


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