Happy Almost Mother’s Day Here Is Beauty & Life Advice From My Mom



My mom is always texting me and my sister random little advice nuggets. Yesterday she sent us the first piece of advice below, which I proceeded to encourage by saying, “Send more, I’ll blog them!”

Below are the texts, verbatim and in order, from my mom:


“After washing your face thoroughly, saturate a cotton ball, with hydrogen peroxide, and go over face with it.. let it dry.”


“Every now and again, fresh lemon or lime on your face too. Feet too.”


“Lemons on elbows. Feet.”


“Take care of your neck. Now.”


“Quality sleep.”


“Out of sun.”


“Serve others.”




“Thank you notes.”




“God’s will, wisdom, discernment.”




“Nourish your hair.”




“Female intuition.”




“Don’t judge.”


“Use your God given gifts to His glory.”


“Steaming face over boiling rosemary water.”


“Package of gelatin a day in warm wine and vinegar.”


“Appreciate nature.”


“Be grateful.”




“Have fun.”


“Learn every day.”


“Be humble.”


“Nice shoes.”


“Good complexion.”


“Be early.”


“Correct English.”


“Eye contact.”


“Take care of you.”


“Be grateful for each other.”


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