I Did The One-Day Buda Juice Cleanse And Lived To Blog It


I love diets.

I spent Memorial Day weekend in Seattle and if you follow me at all on Instagram, you know that and are very annoyed by me. On the final day of the trip, Lane and I spent 14 hours in airports and airplanes. FOURTEEN HOURS.

So after 4 days of play and a full day of sitting and eating airport food, I was ready for a body transplant.

I should admit that I’ve done the one-day Buda Juice cleanse once before. However, at the end of the day I got a headache and just knew Peppermint York Patties would cure it. So it was a juice-york patti cleanse. Felt great.


Little bit more about Buda Juice:

  • $65
  • 6 juices
  • Comes in 100% natural glass bottles
  • All organic
  • Only juice company with an unbroken cold chain from farm to bottle (idk what that means but im impressed tbh)
  • Their press process minimizes oxidation, which means more nutrients
  • No pasteurization, all juice is raw and 100% living

More here. 

Here’s how my one-day Buda Juice Cleanse went

8:00a – Coffee.
I would sooner do a 5-day cleanse (which is an option with Buda, btw) than give up coffee for 1 day. I ordered this one-day cleanse on Uber Eats delivery because I’m actually the laziest human on the planet when it comes to eating healthy.

My coworker asked me if i wanted her left over breakfast nuggets. IM SRY DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A MARATHON TAIL GATE EATING CONTEST I CANT EAT SOLIDS RN.

10:00a – Drink 1 “No. 01 Green Drink”
Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Apple, Lemon, Ginger, Kale, Parsley

Drink 1 tasted good. Surprisingly, this is the only actual GREEN juice of the whole cleanse (the rest were different vegetables and colors). If you’re not used to veggie juices, this will probably be the hardest for you.

But on the spectrum of healthy green juices, this one is delicious, so basically just get over it.

11:45a – I was definitely hungry at this point it’s fine i’m fine

12:00p – Drink 2 “No. 04 Blue Lemonade”
Cucumber, Apple, Lemon


Okay Blue Lemonade was no joke. It was delicious. I would buy this on a hot summer day because it’s so refreshing. I would mix this with white sparkling wine and or vodka and limes wait what.

PSA, Blue lemonade is not blue and the numbers of the drinks do not have anything to do with the order in which you drink them. I guess I just wish this was juice cleansing for Dummies. I guess I just wish I knew why it’s called Blue Lemonade.

I drank these juices while working at my desk all day, and all of them took me at least 30 minutes of sipping to finish.

12:47p – I had peed 800 times already
In addition to coffee and juice, I was also drinking mass amounts of water because the brochure said to. See, I do follow the rules.

2:00p – Drink 3 “No. 2 Red drink”
Celery, Beet, Apple, Ginger, Parsley


This one was sPiCeY~!~ Like a lil fiesta in my mouth. I liked it, but picky people would probably balk.

3:06 – Still sipping Drink 3
I don’t know why this took me so long, but I stopped feeling hungry while sipping it.

4:00p – Drink 4″No. 04 Blue Lemonade”
Same as drink 2. I honestly was not even hungry for this, but drank it fast because blue lemonade is my favorite.

4:56p – This is fun and all, but I miss dinner

5pm is about the start time I start thinking about what’s for dinner. On this day, it was about the time that it hit me I would be going home and having juice 🙂 🙂 :):) :):)):):))::)):):

6:00p – Drink 5 “Buda Basilato Soup”
Tomato, Cucumber, Sea Salt, Basil, Olive Oil

I sipped this on my commute home from work, then before and after grocery shopping (WHICH BTW, I DONT RECOMMEND GROCERY SHOPPING ON A JUICE CLEANSE, BUT I HAD TO, AND I AM AN AMERICAN HERO).

This soup was delicious, salty, tasted like gazpacho, reminded me of Spain, made me feel like flying. It’s the closest thing to food on the cleanse, and your taste buds feel it. I would literally buy it for lunch and eat it with potato chips on a non-cleanse day.

A little after finishing the soup, my stomach started growling. But it was more like digestive growls than hunger growls.

8:00p – Drink 6 “Buda Almond Milk”
Filtered Water, Almond, Vanilla. Cinnamon, Cardamom

Surprisingly, this was my least favorite– and I regularly drink unsweetened almond milk, so I’m used to the flavor. It was just so watery. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I drank all of it so. 

9:00p – Drink 7 La Croix lol

I was watching GIRLS and painting my nails and I needed a La Croix on ice and everyone can sue me.


Weight: While I did this solely just to feel good and not for weight loss (I fully believe you gain back anything you lose on a juice cleanse, and that weight loss cleanses are a joke), I did lose 2 pounds in one day, which felt good. It was like my ~naughty~ Seattle weekend never happened.

Skin: My face looked brighter and clearer, but that could also be because I did 3 pore stirps, a mask, toner, and overnight cream on my face that night lollololol.

Sleep: I don’t feel like it made my sleep any better. I usually take forever to fall asleep, and I still did the night of the cleanse.

Energy: I never felt drained, deprived, or exhausted on this cleanse. Granted, I sit in a cube all day on a computer, so I don’t need a lot of energy to get through the day.

Exercise: The website says you can do some light activity. I went back and forth on whether or not I should go on a walk, or just spend 25 minutes in the sauna, or hop on the treadmill after work. As you can see, I did none. And looking back on it, I think I would have driven myself into hunger insanity if I had worked out, so I don’t recommend it.


Would I do this again? Yes. The taste, quality, and benefits is worth the cost, and it’s honestly a fair price point in the world of Dallas juices.

The hungriest I felt was mid-morning/lunch. But I think a part of that was wanting to eat just because it is my daily work routine to eat at my desk around noon. Once I started drinking the red juice, any feelings I thought were hunger had definitely passed, and it wasn’t until after drinking the Tomato Soup that I actually felt a stomach growl.

I felt satisfied after the almond milk drink, or at least didn’t feel like I needed to eat a meal of real food in order to go to bed.

The day after the cleanse, I went back to eating how I normally do. I never felt sick or nauseous during or after the cleanse.

I don’t regret the coffee or La Croix, but maybe in the future I’ll hate myself enough to actually follow the plan. At least I didn’t eat 10pm patties tho. Baby steps.



  • Force a friend to suffer with you. This is obvious, but this definitely would have been easier if I had friends texting me they wanted to kill themselves from hunger at 11:30am.
  • Make sure you feel rly fat before starting. I could not have done this on a normal, typical weekday. AKA this is definitely a post-vacation cleanse, when you aren’t that hungry anyway.
  • Distract yourself around dinner time. I think around dinner time (when you’re home with Halo Top in the fridge and your friends are texting you to go to Desperado’s, both of those things were true for me itsfineimfine.com) is the most tempting time to break the diet. It helped me to go into full-blown pamper mode. Pore strips, painted nails, toes, did a face mask, hair mask, plucked my eyebrows, and of course GIRLS. I recommend this.



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One response to “I Did The One-Day Buda Juice Cleanse And Lived To Blog It

  1. I have never heard of Buda juice. I will have to give it a try. I agree about dinner time.Dinner is such a social meal. Everyone sitting around the table and talking about their day.A nice big juice while everyone else eats is sometimes just kind of annoying.
    Cheers and Happy Juicing!!


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