20th Anniversary of My Best Friend’s Wedding And Nothing Has Changed For White Girls


And by 20th I mean 19th, but that doesn’t sound as good. You’ll live.

To treat myself after four long, full days of work and life commitments last week, I decided to spend a Thursday night at home alone with wine and a chick flick (and cheeses, meats, and popcorn, but anyways). I fell in love with this movie in college and haven’t seen it since. The reunion was spiritual. I’m obsessed with everything about this movie and if you’re not in love with this movie, that’s fine, but you’re wrong, and I hate you.

File_000 (2)

text to Lane during the movie

Here Are 4 Things That Haven’t Changed In 20 Years Since My Best Friend’s Wedding

No. 1. We’re still wearing really tragic trends of the times


I’M JUST REALLY SADDENED BY THIS OVER-SIZED WOMEN’S PANTSUIT ENSEMBLE FROM THE NINETIES. Why Julia??? Why 1997??? And what trends am I wearing now that I will look back on in 20 years and/or 20 days and regret?????? I still own a blue bauble necklace from circa 2013 that I can never wear again help???????????????????????


And these sunglasses depress me. Can we do a remake of this movie in 2016 fashion trends?? WHICH IS IRONIC BECAUSE EVERYTHING THAT IS TRENDY NOW IS FROM THE 90S LIFE IS A JOKE.

No. 2. The people who know us the best are still gay men


What would the movie be without this scene, without George, without gay men everywhere????

I almost blogged: My Best Friend’s Wedding And Why All Of Us Should Have Married Our Gay Best Friend but alas.

George makes this movie. I’m obsessed with George. I love George. I want to marry George. I want to dance, eat cake, and live platonically forever with George. George knows her better than Michael. George flew out to New York TWICE to make sure Julianne was okay. George even pretended to be straight for 24 hours for her. George is sacrificial love George is Jesus what.

My favorite George moments:

  • The last scene of the movie when he’s on the phone with her and reveals he’s at the reception by describing the environment and says the iconic, “There may not be love, there may not be sex, but by God there will be dancing.” AND I NEED YOU TO WATCH IT TO UNDERSTAND, DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.
  • When George says he’s going to play it cool in the church when meeting Kimmie’s family and then says “HEY!!!” really loud when greeting the mom. I don’t know how else to word it. Just watch out for this part. It kills me.
  • When Julia and George are in her hotel room and he helps her wash off the purple mask on her face from the night before. Cleaning her face. Cleaning her life. Such underlying movie symbolism here.

No. 3. We’re not scared of being married so much as we’re scared of wanting to be married


I know this because I am both a female and friends with females. And as a female watching this movie, I realized I have lived this scene of Kimmy and Julianne:


script found on the internet here.

Okay, maybe not exactly the same, but the gist is that Kimmy felt like she had to defend herself for wanting to get married, for not being exactly like cool, independent Julianne. And in the same way now, girls feel like it’s cooler to be a stoic gushy love-resistant Julianne. Is anyone following? Is anyone reading? Ok I’m done.

No. 4. We’re still so painfully aware and therefore insecure of crème brûlée



This is hands-down one of my favorite movie scenes ever. I know this because on December 21, 2014, I created a list on my phone of my favorite movie moments, and this scene is #4 on it.


thanks cloud technology for holding on to this one so long i guess

My point is: Julianne was so beautifully, accurately, vulnerably, painfully, insecure of Kimmy from the moment she met her, and it’s so real, and so great, and so all of us. Even if we’re creme brulee, all it takes is another creme brulee out there to make us feel like jell-o. Ahh! But the idiot man we’re all fighting over likes jell-o! Suddenly we all want to be jell-o. I have no idea what I’m saying anymore.

But Julianne being insecure and calling herself Jell-O so confidently is life.

Closing this blog with a gif of the opening credits of the movie because it’s such an unexpected but classic opening and you should go watch the movie now bye.



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