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3 Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Another year, another vow to lose 10 pounds. Or read more. Or learn something. Doesn’t it get overwhelming, imagining the new you, and all the steps you promised you’d take to get there?

Let’s make a promise to ourselves to do something positive — and set realistic resolutions. Here are my top 3 win-win resolutions that you can actually keep in 2016.

1. Lip Injections

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My friends are applying to be on The Bachelor

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 6.14.10 PM

We all know that just because you’re The Bachelor or Bachelorette doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to find tru luv. And even if you find your tru luv on the show, that doesn’t mean it will last.

I’m looking at you Andi and Josh. Chris and Whitney.

So I’m here to the rescue, in this special edition blog post My friends are applying to be on The Bachelor.  Don’t fret, lost Bachelors of the world.

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The most basic women on The Bachelor Season 20 Ben H.

the bach season 20

Hi it’s me. I blog about The Bachelor, missing some episodes because sometimes I have to have a life outside the show, and then blog even more sporadically throughout the rest of the year, not even touching The Bachelorette, because I’m not paid to do this guys.

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Home for Christmas 2K15 Pt. I


(it’s funny because i’m not going to write a part II, we all remember Christmas 2K14.)

Please bear with me as I recount my 3 nights, 3 days out of my week at home in the Land of Enchantment thus far.

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