Truths about blogging

Any blogger will admit to feeling the following things. Or they will feel it, but not admit to it. Or I’m the only blogger in the world who feels these things and I’ll die alone.

  1. I’m embarrassed about 98% of my blogs.
  2. Self-deprecation (or self-sabotage?) is required.
  3. Hearing “I’m the biggest creep, I like all of  your blogs” never gets old, and it’s not considered “creeping.”
  4. It’s awkward saying “Thank you” when someone says they love your blog. thanks i love my blog too, i’m rly obsessed with me.
  5. You don’t forget it when a guy tells you he “fell for you through your writing.” This is not often, because get real, but it happens.
  6. Asking certain friends (you know, the ones who get it) to read your blog and make sure it’s actually funny before posting it is a common, insecure, and encouraged practice.
  7. You automatically bond with other people who blog.
  8. A friend who likes your blog on Facebook is a true friend and many blessings will rain upon them.
  9. Blogging takes a really really really long time, and then once it’s published, I read it 10 more times.
  10. I read my old blogs when I can’t sleep. And I laugh. And I cringe. And I go to sleep.
  11. When a friend you haven’t talked to in months texts you asking for a link to an old blog, it’s like you talked yesterday.
  12. You don’t want everyone to read your blog (parents, grade-school teachers, mom’s friends, current/potential employers, ex-boyfriends, crushes, gyno, neighbor, cashier at Kroger), but you still somehow want to go viral.
  13. You’ve thought about contributing to BuzzFeed but it sounds exhausting and if you’re not famous after your numbered list of gifs after the first two attempts, there’s no hope. It’s all rigged. Blame public relations.
  14. You both put a lot of scrutiny on other bloggers, but also avidly support them, because you get it. youjustgetit.
  15. All of your friends commonly tell you, “DON’T BLOG OR TWEET THIS,” because you are that girl and you know it.
  16. You blog and tweet things you know you shouldn’t, whether for the sake of a career or sheer embarrassment  but you do anyway, because the story is just that funny.
  17. You do questionable things solely because “it could be good blog material.”
  18. Everything inspires a blog post. And by everything, I do mean everything. Literally. Everything.
  19. You’ll be inspired to blog at inconvenient times. IT’S 11:33 PM BUT I JUST THOUGHT OF A BRILLIANT BLOG AND I CAN’T SLEEP UNTIL IT’S DRAFTED.
  20. You’ll wrestle with Google Analytics and try to bribe your 46 closest friends with a job in anything remotely-advertising related. (coding is hard help).
  21. There is no such thing as being satisfied with the design/template/color palette, but your blog ideas can’t wait on your poor design skills to be published.
  22. You semi live in fear of being sued for using a gif/photo from the internet without properly giving credit. You use the gif/photo anyway.
  23. A boyfriend isn’t a boyfriend unless he reads every single blog and worships it and you and you writing it.

23 seems like a fitting place to stop. Be on the lookout for a new blog bye.


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