A Green Juice Recipe That Doesn’t Taste Like A Trash Can You’re Welcome

A Green Juice Recipe That Doesn't Taste Like A Trash Can | It's Fine I'm Fine Blog

The green juice that you’ll actually want to drink after taking a photo.

A common conversation between Lane and I:

Me: I’m going to start doing [insert healthy habit] because it releases my cortisol hormones that have been stored up for years and I really want to focus on lowering my cortisol. 

Lane: Cortisol, eh? And what Instagram health influencer did we learn that from today?


Green Juice That Doesn't Taste Like A Trash Can | It's Fine I'm Fine Blog

just so everyone knows, this is also exactly what i look like when i meal prep!!!!!

Enter: Dr. Mona Vand, the queen of wellness. I’ve watched basically all her YouTube videos, dabbled in guided meditation, and learned so much about skincare because of her. I once joined one of her live streams. She is my primary care physician now.

But the most important thing I’ve learned from her is how to make green juice.


Y’all. I drink this weekly. I either double the recipe, or I quadruple it, depending on how desperate I am for greens that particular week. I have been very annoying about it telling everyone I know, as if I make some commission off of it, like it’s a multi-level marketing structure. I do not know why I’m like this help me.

I’m so convinced of this recipe that I brought it to my office’s weekly potluck breakfast. A place usually filled with donuts and kolaches. So yes, everyone hates me. BUT GUESS WHAT: THEY DRANK THE WHOLE THING.

Just last week, two people asked me for the recipe, which is like a million people, and reason enough to blog it.

The only negative feedback I’ve received was that it’s a lil bit ~thick~ like it’s not an actual “juice” technically. So if this sounds like you, maybe add less spinach, more coconut water, and run it through a fine colander.


LEFT SIDE: MINE. RIGHT SIDE: LANE’S. Notice how sparkling green and chic one of them is.

So here it is. The only green juice recipe you need, by Dr. Mona Vand. 


  • 3-6 cups spinach
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • 1 tablespoon ginger (or more! be tru 2 u!)
  • 1 lemon’s juice
  • 1 apple
  • 1 banana

I also like to add parsley if I have it. Go wild!


  1. Blend spinach and coconut water thoroughly, before adding any other ingredients. WOW THIS IS A CRUCIAL STEP, DON’T MESS THIS UP, NO PRESSURE.
  2. Add everything else.
  3. Pour into mason jar if ur into that sort of thing.

Why I like it:

  • It *actually* tastes good. It’s not just a healthy drink that you will want to drink because it’s good for you. I enjoy drinking it. I crave it. I am excited to drink it. WHY DOES IT TASTE GOOD? I’ve thought about this extensively and I’ve concluded there are two reasons: 1) because it has a singular taste profile with few, powerful ingredients and 2) coconut water is sweet lol.
  • It doesn’t mess around with greens. At the risk of sounding like the green juice snob that I am, I literally guffaw out loud (GOL) when I see people making smoothies or juices on Instagram with “half a cup” of spinach. Like HALF A CUP? What are we doing here? What’s the point? Why are we gathered here today? Don’t bother me with cleaning the Ninja if it’s only HALF A CUP. This green juice is 3 cups spinach for every half cup coconut water so please have respeck.
  • It’s a pretty color. Lane makes his own green juice on a weekly basis, and can I just say, with all do respect, until death do us part, it’s ugly and I hate it. His is brownish orangey and mine is a beautiful, pure GREEN. It is so chic. So On Brand. So great for ur IG aesthetic/flow, I’m sorry for saying that.
  • It’s easy to make. If you know me, you know me, and you know I love being healthy, but I love being lazy even more lol. I will not do something if it even slightly inconveniences me lol help. This juice is only a few, easy ingredients, with only a few, easy instructions, and I can easily whip it up before work.
  • It makes me feel chic. I put it in a mason jar with a pink, re-usable straw like my name is Ivanka.

i hope this makes U feel like the chic LA bich that U R




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