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Massage therapy is growing popular worldwide because of the numerous benefits it provides from relaxing the body and reducing tension to alleviating pain. Our busy lifestyles put a tremendous amount of stress on our body which if ignored can lead to various health problems. Therefore it is imperative that you should treat your body once in a while with some relaxing massage.

Keeping a good massage chair recliner is a great idea, but the benefits you get from oil massage therapy are even greater. This therapy is best known for its relaxing properties that help your body to fight different diseases, fatigue routine and accidental injuries. Oil massage therapy is also known as Abhayangam, and it can be used for both grown-ups and kids.

This article will enlist top 5 benefits of oil massage therapy that you must know about.

Improves blood circulation

Gentle strokes of oil massage therapy relax the body by applying mild pressure on the body muscles. The rubbing movements lead to the production of heat that in turn massage the nerves and blood vessels lying underneath the skin thereby improving the blood circulation. Massage therapy also works by relaxing the constricted muscles and soft tissues hence, ensuring the adequate supply of nutrients and oxygen to the whole body. An improved blood circulation itself provides many health benefits such as removal of toxins, brightening of skin and improving the function of internal organs. In addition, the heat produced from oil massage therapy has also shown to improve the metabolic rate of the body.

Keeps your heart healthy

Reflexology is the technique of massage therapy that targets various reflex zones of the body. Points on right sole and hand have the reflex center for the heart. Gentle pressure is applied on these reflex points that help in improving the functionality of the heart and empower you to stay young and healthy.

Relieve the symptoms of cold and sinusitis

The symptoms of cold and sinusitis can prove to be very disturbing. When you are suffering from cold or sinusitis you feel like you have lost your concentration power and energy apart from that, there is a constant pain and your body feels fatigued. Oil massage therapy can help you get rid of these symptoms by rubbing your face, nose, and area around the eyes. Sometimes the therapist also uses medicated oils to get immediate relief from the symptoms of cold and sinusitis.

Removes toxins from the body

Getting regular oil massage therapy helps in improving the functionality of the elimination system. Firstly, massage therapy improves the blood circulation that in turn helps in the elimination of toxins from the body. Secondly, massage therapy works by improving the functioning of the kidneys and the sweat glands which ensures the proper and timely removal of toxins from the body.

Improve the functioning of digestive system

Oil massage therapy of the stomach and the lower abdomen improve and enhance the working of the digestive system. This massage technique applies gentle strokes that run deep down the liver, spleen and the large intestine while putting special focus on the naval. These strokes not only improve the functioning of the liver and spleen but also help the digestive system by releasing the entrapped gas and ensure that gastric juices are secreted sufficiently that are responsible for speeding up the digestion process. The only thing to keep in mind while massaging the stomach is that you need to be very gentle. The organs in the stomach are delicate and application of greater pressure can do more harm than good.

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